The porous composite structure of activated carbon

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Then, comprehensively examines the activated carbon pore structure of mainstream smoke particles with phase content in the conventional chemical composition is the relationship between the filtration efficiency, found that adding activated carbon can be reduced in different degrees in cigarette mainstream smoke conventional component content, and under the condition of the same dosage of activated carbon, the ternary composite way of flue gas composition of conventional filtration efficiency higher than binary compound mode. In the process of adsorption of flue gas components, the specific surface area of activated carbon with different pore structures determines its total adsorption capacity, and the pore size distribution affects its adsorption selectivity. The contents of total particulate matter, nicotine, moisture and tar in the mainstream smoke of cigarettes all increased stably with the increase of the number of suction outlets. In the process of cigarette smoking, the filtration efficiency of activated carbon with different pore structure to the conventional components of smoke changed dynamically with the increase of the number of suction ports. Qualitative description method was used to evaluate the sensory quality of activated carbon cigarettes. It was found that the addition of activated carbon increased the smoke suction resistance, reduced the smoke concentration and aroma, reduced the irritation, and had no obvious peculiar smell and discomfort, and had no negative effect on the sensory quality of cigarettes. The pore volume of the macropore is generally about 0.2-0.5mL /g, and the surface area is only about 0.5-2m2 /g. Its role is to make the adsorbate molecules quickly penetrate into the smaller pores inside the activated a catalytic carrier, the catalyst is often a small amount of precipitation in the micropore, mostly precipitation in the macropore and mesopore.dxd carbon 

The surface area of the activated carbon should include the inner surface area and the outer surface area. In fact, the adsorption properties mainly come to the inner surface area of the white Li large, so it can not be mistaken for: the activated carbon grinding and grinding will significantly improve the surface area to improve the adsorption force.activated carbon suppliers canada 

Many adsorbations are recursive physical adsorption, that is, the adsorbed matter is a fluid, which is adsorbed by activated carbon at a certain temperature and pressure. At high temperature and low pressure, the adsorbed matter desorbs out, and the inner surface of activated carbon returns to its original state.

This is a widely used physical adsorption, also known as van der Waals adsorption academically. 


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