Selling carbon is divided into liquid phase and gas phase according to the role of the king related questions

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Selling carbon is divided into liquid phase and gas phase according to the role of the king02021-06-07 18:39:15
Firstly, the adsorption and desorption isotherms of three activated carbons for coconut shell-based smoke and three activated carbons for apricot kernel based smoke were determined by low temperature nitrogen adsorption method. The specific surface area and total pore volume were calculated by BET model. The microstructure parameters and pore size distribution of micropores and mesopores were calculated by H-K method and BJH method, respectively. The surface morphology of activated carbon was also observed by scanning electron microscope. The results show that the pore structure of activated carbon for commercial tobacco is different at present. Among the six activated carbon samples selected, Y1 and CTN are microporous activated carbon, and the micropore ratio is more than 97%. X3 and X5 samples were medium pore activated carbon with microporosity of only 69.3% and 55.5%. The micropore contents of X2 and Y5 samples were 87.2% and 81.8%, respectively, between X3 and X5 samples and Y1 and CTN samples. SEM observation of the surface morphology of activated carbon samples for smoke showed that the surface of activated carbon was honeycomb-like with developed pores, and the large pores were all in the shape of open pipe structure. There were various small circular and elliptical holes on the pipe wall.bulk activated carbon pellets  Then, comprehensively examines the activated carbon pore structure of mainstream smoke particles with phase content in the conventional chemical composition is the relationship between the filtration efficiency, found that adding activated carbon can be reduced in different degrees in cigarette mainstream smoke conventional component content, and under the condition of the same dosage of activated carbon, the ternary composite way of flue gas composition of conventional filtration efficiency higher than binary compound mode. In the process of adsorption of flue gas components, the specific surface area of activated carbon with different pore structures determines its total adsorption capacity, and the pore size distribution affects its adsorption selectivity. The contents of total particulate matter, nicotine, moisture and tar in the mainstream smoke of cigarettes all increased stably with the increase of the number of suction outlets. In the process of cigarette smoking, the filtration efficiency of activated carbon with different pore structure to the conventional components of smoke changed dynamically with the increase of the number of suction ports. Qualitative description method was used to evaluate the sensory quality of activated carbon cigarettes. It was found that the addition of activated carbon increased the smoke suction resistance, reduced the smoke concentration and aroma, reduced the irritation, and had no obvious peculiar smell and discomfort, and had no negative effect on the sensory quality of cigarettes. 
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How do I find speaker phase plug?1Martha2012-04-17 01:47:34
Dear Sir, we are looking for 8 "" and 10 " phase plug Sistem PA
Nokia 7100S phase according to the QQ space to upload it? Thank you!1Indonesia2012-05-20 21:55:14
Nokia 7100S phase according to the QQ space to upload ? Thank you !
Five-phase renovation sets a trap to see the ring1Katie Lee2012-08-08 15:28:03
Five-phase renovation sets a trap to see the ring
How do I find the price of amr prepay meter? 1phase and 3 phase1 형용사 2011-12-22 05:03:54
How I can know the price of AMR meters prepayment? 1phase and phase 3
Will anyone attend Canton Fair Phase 3 for Textile and Clothing2 'Flower Nuisance Zhu Ming, ⒏ Li 灬 2011-12-30 22:44:55
Aa a clothing factory professional manufacturing work , we will attend the Canton Fair Phase 3 of October 31 to November 4, 2011 , and our booth number is 31,32,33 8.1K , any person in intereted work clothes can visit our stand for more talking. Our company name : Chaopeng Clothing Co. Ltd , Email: [email protected] , website :
See the phase ring sets a trap to make your decoration more secure0Social Science2012-10-25 02:05:26
See the phase ring sets a trap for your decor safer
Air conditioner reverse phase sequence power lead to cooling1Glen2012-06-11 23:52:25
A few days before the range is broken, then the distribution of repair and found that is not cooling the air conditioning. . For heat contrary, . . . Because I heard a source of phase sequence caused. . . Adjusted restored. . . But I had no experience, is to listen electrician said , he said, is that true? This situation will happen? Why? Why air conditioning will be with the phase sequence in it?
Fortune life profitable countermeasure of 6 phase conduct financial transactions1hallucinogen 2012-06-02 16:43:27
Fortune Life countermeasures 6 profitable financial transactions of the phase behavior
Ask friends and relatives, such as phase, a Bing Yu Hu. By Huang and Xiren have to go here and spare ellipsis at all that?1Edith2012-04-25 23:45:19
Ellipsis is that some well known names.
Top Ten 2010 Gift Selection keen to enter the voting phase multi-race!0lashundra2012-07-19 07:23:02
2010 Top Ten Gift willing to enter the voting phase multi-racial selection! Messages hczhengyuyu editor 08/30/2010 14:38 Beijing time at 9:30 on August 26, "China Chinese New Year gift industry Top Ten Award -2010 forced" to vote formally opened. Who can become a man in the gift industry, are leading? What makes a great debut Pension Diaoyutai State, the focus of the media? It all depends on you! No. 1 in your heart and cast their vote valuable now! Click here to enter the voting pageoting rules: (a) to vote as a vote, the Internet: 1 User Rating: votes of support networks and vote for the same IP network members only can vote for half an hour, without charge, 2 members voted: MMT member-only payment, the same name as the member can only vote once for half an hour, increased by five votes, 3, Cai Fuzhi Vote: Votes of wealth only for registered members exchange MMT, daily maximum wealth points to 100 points, 5 points against a vote. B ** Rate: Rate ** phone provides a time limit by editing the "player rmfz + code" 10662000518 ** send the information charged one yuan / bar, Internet voting is equivalent to a vote 5 votes, C, online banking to vote: the draft network to perform user and mailbox, select the payment of a nominal increase of the equivalent number of votes. The same user and mailbox on the same stage the same player may only vote once, vote for a vote equivalent to net 5 votes, (b) information to voters: only the name and phone number or phone statistics Mobile (easy draw and win the pitcher of using authentication). Acknowledge the active participation of most users, the "Top Ten" set top "pitcher luck", 450, all winners have the opportunity to "selection committee" pay in kind prizes. 1: In order to vote online and configure the player pitcher voted the same order may be granted. (Released at the event) 2: From the Internet banking support ** + + support staff to support investment selected parameter. (Live lottery prize release) In addition, since the new addition of "top ten professional services" award, discussed and decided by the organizing committee, the "Person of the Year Ten", "Ten brand new" , "Top Ten Business Joyo", "Ten professional service providers' registration deadline extended to September 26. We invite you to participate! This topic arose in the jinhuizh 01/09/2010 10:23 Top

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