Activated carbon filtration screening

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Advanced activated carbon is mainly used for high demand area activated carbon, catalyst and catalyst carrier (, nail, guy, platinum and palladium), precious metal recovery and gold extraction, blood purification, auto carbon tank, high-performance fuel cells, electric double layer aluminum alloy casting machine, lithium battery cathode materials, super capacitor can storage materials, military, aerospace fields such as requirement.

The role of activated carbon is mainly usactivated charcoal wholesale australia ed for adsorption of harmful gases, filter insoluble, adsorption of some soluble. Activated carbon components are mainly made of charcoal, various fruit shells and high quality coal as raw materials, through physical and chemical methods of raw materials crushing, sifting, catalyst activation, rinse, drying and screening a series of processes and manufacturing. Wooden activated carbon produced by this project is mainly used as air purifier and automobile exhaust purification, which has a certain promotion effect on energy saving and environmental protection. Activated carbon is now widely used and has a promising future. If the gas speed is very small, the size of the adsorber is large and uneconomical.  

If the gas velocity is too large, the pressure drop will increase and the adsorption efficiency will be affected.The optimum gas velocity was determined by experiment.

The adsorption design can not pursue too high adsorption efficiency, the empty tower speed value is reduced, it will make the adsorption bed volume, the amount of adsorbent and equipment cost increased greatly;On the contrary, it is not appropriate to take too large empty tower gas speed. Although the equipment cost is low, the adsorption efficiency drops a lot, and the pressure drop of the system will rise rapidly with the increase of the empty tower speed, resulting in excessive power consumption. Therefore, due to the selection of the appropriate air speed of the empty tower, the most suitable air speed of the empty tower is 0.8~1.2m/s"21, according to the empirical conclusion, this design determines 


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