The development of activated carbon in the food industry

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Activated carbon is a strong adsorbent, the adsorption of gas and adsorption capacity are very large.

When the gas molecules occupy the adsorption surface of activated carbon, the adsorption of activated carbon will be reduced, resulting in the so-called "poisoning" of activated carbon.

If there is oxygen on the activated carbon adsorption, sometimes also make the adsorption of the material oxidation reaction.

Therefore, before the use of activated carbon, most of the gas must be removed by adsorption.coconut shell activated carbon suppliers  

Usually remove the gas in activated carbon there are two methods, one method is to use ephedrine or hydrogen sulfide saturated water solution treatment, but this treatment method is too complex, and through these treatments can also cause some other side reactions, so it is not commonly used.If the gas speed is very small, the size of the adsorber is large and uneconomical.

If the gas velocity is too large, the pressure drop will increase and the adsorption efficiency will be affected.The optimum gas velocity was determined by experiment.activated carbon pellets manufacturer 

The adsorption design can not pursue too high adsorption efficiency, the empty tower speed value is reduced, it will make the adsorption bed volume, the amount of adsorbent and equipment cost increased greatly;On the contrary, it is not appropriate to take too large empty tower gas speed. Although the equipment cost is low, the adsorption efficiency drops a lot, and the pressure drop of the system will rise rapidly with the increase of the empty tower speed, resulting in excessive power consumption. Therefore, due to the selection of the appropriate air speed of the empty tower, the most suitable air speed of the empty tower is 0.8~1.2m/s"21, according to the empirical conclusion, this design determines 

Another method is to heat drying, can be adsorbed most of the gas I body removal.

It is usually heated and dried at 150C for 4 to 5 hours before use.

Because of the high temperature of nylon deformation, nylon activated carbon before use at 100 ° C heating and drying 4 to 5 hours.

Activated carbon has no adverse adsorption effect on some substances, causing some substances to adsorb on it can not elute.

Therefore, in the separation of activated carbon adsorption of the material, must first activated carbon deactivation. 

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