Rough classification of activated carbon

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In the three types of activated carbon, powdered activated carbon adsorption strength is the strongest, granular activated carbon, nylon activated carbon is the weakest.

These three different specifications of activated carbon, similar to the activity of the different level, level two and three products.

In the chromatographic separation, according to the characteristics of the separated substances, select the appropriate adsorption activity of activated carbon, the adsorption of activated carbon is correct or not is the key to the success of the separation.

When the material to be separated is not easy to be adsorbed by activated carbon, it is necessary to choose activated carbon with strong adsorption. activated carbon pellets manufacturer 

When the material to be separated is easily adsorbed by activated carbon, it is necessary to choose the activated carbon with weak adsorption.

When separating a sample for the first time, the second type of activated carbon is usually used first.coconut shell activated carbon suppliers 

When it is found that this kind of activated carbon can not be adsorbed well to the substances to be separated, which leads to the failure of separation, the first kind of activated carbon can be used.

When it is found that this kind of activated carbon to separate the material because of adsorption is too strong and can not elute, or because it is difficult to elute caused by the elution solvent is too large, the flow is not concentrated, you can use the third activated carbon.

Sometimes a combination of three activated carbons can be used to separate more complex natural pharmaceutical components.

For example, the sample to be separated is first passed through a third column of activated carbon, on which the component with the strongest adhesion to the activated carbon is adsorbed.

The unadsorbed material then passes through the second activated carbon, the less adsorbed material is adsorbed on the second column, and the unadsorbed material finally passes through the first activated carbon.

Thus, through three columns in turn, on which the adsorbed substances are eluted with appropriate eluents, it is possible to obtain a better separation of the very complex natural medicinal constituents.

Because of the fine particles of powdered activated carbon, it is inconvenient to operate, so in the practical application process, generally try not to use the first kind of active carbon.

No powdered activated carbon is another important reason for the adsorption of powdered activated carbon is too strong, there are many substances adsorbed on it is very difficult to elute, usually will be used after the adsorbent deactivation. 


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