How to make better granular activated carbon

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Activated carbon, is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon, but also a regular arrangement of crystalline carbon.In addition to carbon elements, activated carbon also contains two kinds of admixtures: one is the chemical combination of elements, mainly oxygen and hydrogen, these elements are due to incomplete carbonization and residual in the carbon, or in the activation process, foreign non-carbon elements and activated carbon surface chemical combination;Another kind of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of activated carbon, and ash in active carbon is easy to cause secondary pollution.Because of its strong adsorption, activated carbon is widely used in production,In the life.Activated carbon material is processed by the amorphous carbon, has a large specific surface area, the gas, solution of inorganic or organic matter and colloidal particles have good adsorption capacity.Activated Carbon materials mainly include Activated Carbon (AC) and Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF), etc.Activated carbon material as a kind of excellent adsorbent, mainly because of its unique adsorption surface structure and surface chemical properties.Activated carbon material has stable chemical properties and high mechanical strength. 

The selection of treatment technology should be based on the gas volume, purification requirements, the possibility of recovery, the economy of equipment construction and operation and other conditions. Special attention should be paid to the close cooperation with the process in practical work, so as to achieve comprehensive utilization as far as possible.dxd activated carbon 

At present, there are three common methods of organic waste gas treatment at home and abroad: liquid absorption method, activated carbon adsorption method and catalytic combustion method. 


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