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Hair accessories4 → っ Curcuma Hikaru put it -2015-07-01 23:22:37
Does anyone know about how I can direct my hair accessory designs made ​​with my tag on them etc?
Sell Beautiful bow hair accessories2Stephanie2012-05-12 02:02:00
This is John Chengna Yiwu E -Business Firm. Sevral years , the supply of hair accessories , headbands of many countries and regions around the world, especially Europe and America. For now , FOB is our only way to export . Our MOQ of the same color and type of product is 600 pieces. More product information please see our website As a new customer , we would also like to offer high qualty and competitive price.Hope to cooperate with you . Looking forward to your reply.Thank you! Best regards, John Contact information of the sender: Contect Name : Zhao Mr.Joho Company: Yiwu Chengna E -Business Firm Country / Territory : China Comany Address : Room 402 , Unit 3, Building 5 , Xiazhu Village One area , Jiangdong Street Tel : 86 - 579 to 85,607,840 Fax : 86 - 579 to 85,607,840 Web:
Sell Beautiful bow hair accessories1Jazmyne2012-10-01 20:16:02
Sell Beautiful bow hair accessories What shall we do? Yiwu Chengna E-Business Firm Yiwu Chengna E-Business Firm Yiwu Chengna E-Business Firm Thanks.
Will, auto parts and auto accessories difference? The car accessories Line? Thank you! !1Avena2012-03-31 23:31:13
Will , auto parts and auto accessories difference? The line of automotive accessories ? Thank you ! !
Who knows how can Philips hair dryer for drying of hair cover disc?1Amanda2012-02-27 20:06:46
Philips salon making are too thick that the peak of the spark plug is not inferior to the mouth of the dryer, oh how I bought two , one can not get one that knows it can not be too much to sell ah right
We offer top quality human hair and synthetic hair with LOW PRICE,our MOQ is 1 pc,we hope to bulid long term relationship with your company2Flirt 2012-03-24 06:30:10
We offer high quality human hair and synthetic hair to lower prices, our MOQ is a PC , we hope bulid long-term relationship with your company
high quality human hair and sythetic hair1 ˉ cold and cool -2012-03-03 23:11:15
Our company located in Henan of China, our products have the style and color classes , which have 100 % human hair and synthetic hair quality , we have full lace wig and lace front wig , our MOQ is 10 parts , our products are high quality and without shedding and tangles are not .....
Has anyone ordered from vimage hair or truly hair0jamie charles2012-09-08 02:38:03
Has anyone actually asked VIMAGE hair or hair before? I wanted to check before ordering .. and
Is the female straight hair after all good-looking or is wavy hair good?1mjarla2012-09-20 15:05:02
ABS, EBD, BA, VDC these accessories are in the car What do you mean?1Deep2012-01-08 06:20:24
ABS , EBD , BA , VDC these accessories are in the car What do you mean ?
Anyone here ,who are looking for the auto accessories?2Marjorie2012-03-28 02:15:58
Is there anyone here who are looking for car accessories ? We are manufacturing car accessories, including parking sensor, rearview mirror, the Bluetooth hands free system , GPS navigation and so on. Anyone interested ? This is Linda Lee, pls contact me freely if you have any questions.Thanks !
Fashion accessories0Golkhadi2012-07-10 15:14:01
I want to buy small quantities at wholesale fashion accessories ( gold plated or alloy ) Any suggestions from suppliers with nice designs and good prices ?

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