Activated carbon material

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For example, high purity nitrogen, high purity oxygen and high purity argon are produced by air, and high purity hydrogen, CO and CO2 are recovered from industrial release gas.

(2) Natural gas adsorption storage.Motor vehicle is low exhaust polluting gas type, but using liquefied natural gas as fuel, due to the air tank for high pressure vessel, once had a car accident, a violent explosion caused more deaths and injuries may occur, through the tireless efforts of experts at home and abroad, has developed a special special adsorption storage of natural gas with activated carbon products,The pressure of the storage tank can be reduced from ten MPa to about.5MPa, which improves the safety of the tank by one hundred times.activated carbon manufacturers china 

(3) desulfurization and denitration of industrial flue gas.The emission of SOx and NOx from thermal power plants is the main culprit of global pollution and acid rain. The traditional lime milk desulfurization technology will cause water pollution and is not a complete environmental protection technology.  

In 1986, Nichiki Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd. took the lead in the development of activated carbon T method DESOXDENOX technology, which has recently developed into one of the most successful environmental protection technologies, and has been widely used in major developed countries in the world.It is expected that by 2010, the world demand for desulfurization and denitration activated carbon will reach 60~-80 million tons/year, becoming the largest variety of activated carbon.(4) Removal of dioxin gas phase pollutants.Dioxins are a general term of halogen-containing organic compounds, which are newly discovered violent carcinogens in gas phase, and are produced in large quantities in the flue gas discharged from municipal waste incinerator.Norit took the lead in producing two series of special GL50 and FGD powders with the activity of removing dioxin pollutants with high efficiency, which have been widely used recently.

(5) activated carbon for double-layer capacitors.Because of the peak period of electricity consumption, the stable power supply of power supply enterprises is a traditional worldwide problem. If the electric energy can be stored in the trough period of electricity consumption and automatically released in the peak period, the power grid can realize intelligent automatic regulation. 


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