How to find high quality activated carbon

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It is worth noting that there is a shortage of activated carbon in China. For a long time, the production of drugs using activated carbon as raw materials has been kept in the laboratory, and no products have been marketed or used in clinical trials.

Experts said that with the continuous improvement of people's life quality and health care consciousness enhancement, as well as the rapid development of all kinds of industrial, environmental pollution has been increasingly serious, people an opportunity to contact with a variety of harmful material, activated carbon and activated carbon as the leading raw material to produce medicines and health products, medical market will become a major conventional leading consumer products, activated carbon china manufacturers 

Market demand will be on the rise year by year, is a new economic growth point in the pharmaceutical and chemical market, its economic and social benefits will increase year by year. After adsorption equilibrium was achieved in the adsorption capacity remained at 3.6 mg lL above, grapefruit peel activated carbon adsorption of ammonia followed pseudo second order kineticmodel of the process; by the Henry equation and Freundlich equation with correlation coefficient R'known, Henry isotherm models and Freundlich isotherm models can be used for the des Cription ofgrapefruit peel on the ammonia adsorption characteristics of activated carbon; ammonia initialconcentration,dosage, pH and temperature on the ammonia adsorption are affected, litle effect oftemperature on adsorption.

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(3) Adsorption at adsorption equilibrium was achieved after 3h, the adsorption capacityremained at 300 mg/kg above, grapefruit peel activated carbon adsorption of phosphate follows thequasi-second order kinetic model; Freundlich R'correlation coefficients were significant, therefore,grapefruit peel activated carbon adsorption of phosphorus found Freundlich isotherm model;initialconcentration, dosage, pH and adsorption temperature on adsorption of phosphorus are affected, pH onthe adsorption of non- large.

(4) Adsorption at adsorption equilibrium was achieved after 14h, the adsorption capacityremained at 21.5 mg / g above. Grapefruit peei activated carbon Cr () in the adsorption processfollowed pseudo second order kinetic model; by the Langmuir equation and Freundlich equation of thecorrelation coefficient R' known,consistent with Langmuir isotherm model and the Freundlichisotherm model.Using Langmuir isotherm model to analyze the experimental data obtained in thesolution pH 4, the maximum adsorption capacity was 26.25mg / g;Freundlich isotherm model using 


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