Activated carbon purification of domestic water

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And how to improve the desalination efficiency of ACF electrode by electric adsorption is explored.The main research results of this paper are as follows:activated carbon factory 

(1) Study on the influencing factors: the influence of electrode, voltage, flow rate and concentration on the desalination effect of ACF electrode by electric adsorption was studied.

The results?Within a certain range, the greater the electrode logarithm, the smaller the electrode spacing, the larger the voltage, the smaller the flow, the lower the concentration, and the higher the desalination efficiency of electric adsorption.

The most reasonable parameters are determined as follows :;

The number of electrodes is 10 pairs, the electrode spacing is 5mm, the voltage is 2.0V, the flow rate is 25mI/min, and the concentration is 600us/cm.coconut activated carbon factory 

At this time, the desalination rate of electric adsorption can reach about 50%.

(2) The variation characteristics of effluent conductivity with time in a complete process of "electric adsorption-desorption" were analyzed.Through three cycles of "electroadsorption-desorption" continuous operation, it is demonstrated that the electrode has a good regeneration performance, and further demonstrates its good periodicity and industrial feasibility.

(3) The adsorption rules of cations and anions in the process of electric adsorption were studied respectively, and the removal rules of ions were essentially the same.

In other words, in the process of ion adsorption, when other conditions remain the same, the ion removal rate is inversely proportional to the mass charge ratio, and the ion removal rate is inversely proportional to the hydration radius.In addition, the removal of heavy metal ions by electroadsorption with ACF electrode was studied.The results show that the electroadsorption has a good removal effect on heavy metal ions, and the electrode can be regenerated.

(4) In order to further improve the ion adsorption rate of electric adsorption, ACF was treated with acid base with nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide, respectively.

After treatment, their desalination efficiency was improved to different degrees.

The experimental results showed that the best desalination effect was obtained when 3mol/L KOH was soaked for 24 hours at room temperature, and the desalination efficiency was as high as 75%.The KOH treated ACF electrode was further studied, and it was found that it had good periodicity and regenerative performance in electroadsorption desalination.

SEM images also showed that after KOH treatment, ACF filaments became finer, more tightly arranged and better hydrophilic. 


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