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Zarney hope is correct, but in my experience working in the group health insurance , maternity is considered the same as any other illness and limitations for pre- existing conditions are still in the Group Policy unless you had insurance group in the last 63 days.

As I see you a few options, seek a medical clinic in your area that provides care regardless of income or on a sliding scale . Enroll in the plan her husband's group, because even if the plan does not deny the charges related to her pregnancy will be charged the amount negotiated by the group plan and providers. This amount will be much less than they would be charged if it is considered "safe." Make arrangements in advance about how you will pay what is owed . I paid $ 50 per month for the past 18 months and has another 18 months to go, but my hospital bill will be paid.

You know what the limitation clause is pre -existing plan that you will enroll? If it is required that is not a condition at any time prior to enrollment and the first 3 months, then you can not see a doctor for their condition until it is covered for 3 months. Depending on how advanced , could be a good time before seeing a doctor about your pregnancy. In terms of total honesty, can not make a home pregnancy test , since it "knows " during the first 3 months of coverage they are pregnant. It is your decision whether to waive treatment for pre-existing limitation clause does not apply , then the insurance company may decide to deny he knew and believed the costs anyway.

So, in my opinion , the best bet is to seek care from a provider who will make arrangements to help pay for what they have oweing .
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