Air purification coconut shell activated carbon

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At present, about 80% of China's coal-based activated carbon products are exported, and it is the largest coal-based activated carbon exporter in the world. Shanxi and Ningxia account for about 90% of China's coal-based activated carbon production and 80% of the export of coal-based activated carbon.Therefore, the production of coal-based activated carbon products has a broad prospect and is expected to achieve good economic benefits in the regions with rich raw material resources.At present, the production of coal-based activated carbon is mainly in Shanxi, Ningxia and Henan.The production of activated carbon with nut shell as raw material is mainly in hebei province; the production of activated carbon with wood as raw material is mainly concentrated in fujian, jiangxi, southern zhejiang and northeast region.In recent years, has gradually formed to Henan Changge City, Ningxia Yinchuan City and surrounding areas, Shanxi Datong region as the representative of the "three" activated carbon production base.Ningxia Yinlong Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is the largest active carbon manufacturer in Asia with an annual output of 50,000 tons.Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of activated carbon products and some of the performance of the products up to the world's advanced level. buy activated charcoal bulk 

Shenhua Ningxia coal industry taixi charcoal based company activated carbon plant in recent years also determined to establish the world's largest activated carbon production base, the activated carbon industry will develop into one of the four pillar industries of Ningxia coal industry. If the gas speed is very small, the size of the adsorber is large and uneconomical.If the gas velocity is too large, the pressure drop will increase and the adsorption efficiency will be affected.The optimum gas velocity was determined by experiment.yrd carbon 

The adsorption design can not pursue too high adsorption efficiency, the empty tower speed value is reduced, it will make the adsorption bed volume, the amount of adsorbent and equipment cost increased greatly;On the contrary, it is not appropriate to take too large empty tower gas speed. Although the equipment cost is low, the adsorption efficiency drops a lot, and the pressure drop of the system will rise rapidly with the increase of the empty tower speed, resulting in excessive power consumption. Therefore, due to the selection of the appropriate air speed of the empty tower, the most suitable air speed of the empty tower is 0.8~1.2m/s"21, according to the empirical conclusion, this design determines

Air velocity of empty tower :U= 1.0m /s.Original conditions:Treatment air volume :Q=20000 m'h, design temperature is 35° C, pressure is 1.01325×103Pa Since the proportion of air in exhaust gas is far greater than that of pollutants, the properties of exhaust gas can be approximately viewed as the thermophysical properties of dry air. Please refer to Appendix 9 of Principles of Chemistry to obtain the following data:Properties of air mixture:Fluid density P;=1.147kg/ m', viscosity u,= 1.94×10-5 Pa.S, specific heat capacity C,=1.005kJ/(kg."C) 


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