What do you think is the most effective use of activated carbon

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Activated carbon is a kind of very fine carbon particles with a large surface area, and there are finer pores in the carbon particles-capillary. This kind of capillary has a strong adsorption capacity, due to the large surface area of the carbon particles,activated charcoal cost Therefore, it can fully contact with the gas (impurity). When these gases (impurities) hit the capillary, they are adsorbed and play a purifying effect.

According to the "Cihai" explanation, activated carbon is a porous carbon with a large surface area, which is obtained by dry distillation of wood, hard nut shells or animal bones and treatment with superheated steam at high temperatures (800℃-900℃).

It is mainly used for gas adsorption, decolorization and solvent recovery, etc. It is also a material in gas masks. Medicinal activated charcoal is used as an adsorbent for oral administration and is used for the treatment of diarrhea and poisoning. To put it bluntly, activated carbon can absorb peculiar smell, smoke and exhaust gas.

Activated carbon is widely used in daily life. For example, refrigerator air conditioners use activated carbon filters in deodorizing, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial aspects. The activated carbon filter with high-tech content can also capture and inhibit viruses in the air, so that the indoor air is always fresh and pure.

The purified water we drink directly is the advanced treatment process of ozone disinfection and activated carbon filtration adopted by the water plant to make the water quality reach the standard of direct drinking water purification.https://www.dxdcarbon.com/  

The gas mask uses live charcoal to absorb poisonous gas, and when the swimming pool changes water, it also uses activated charcoal to filter impurities.

In terms of beauty, the activated carbon facial cleansing formula, which is very popular in the world in recent years, is said to be able to absorb the dirt that hides in the pores like a magnet. 


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