How to regenerate coconut shell activated carbon in brine

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Coconut shell activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon with good effect and high quality among activated carbon products, so its price is also expensive. yongruida coconut carbon   Due to the characteristics of activated carbon itself, coconut shell activated carbon can be regenerated.

A commonly used method is heating, but this method is only suitable for decolorizing coconut shell activated carbon, which is useless for water purification coconut shell activated carbon.

Coconut shell activated carbon has a black appearance, granular and columnar. activated carbon suppliers usa  It has the advantages of developed voids, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economy and durability. The product is mainly used for deodorization, drinking water filtration, etc.

Brine regenerated activated carbon is mainly to replace the adsorbed substances. But generally speaking, this kind of regeneration effect is not obvious, and it will not be as thorough as the regeneration of exchange resin. In most cases, the activated carbon can also be washed in the early stage, and replaced in the later stage.

Small bubbles are normal. Regardless of the adsorption effect of coconut shell activated carbon itself, any powdery substance, after you put it in a liquid, you will find a little bubble attached to it. Compared with the salt water regeneration method, the ion exchange resin regeneration method has a much higher cost. Therefore, it is more common to regenerate coconut shell activated carbon with salt water. 


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