how can i find the electronic cigarette importers on the internet

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Japan has been 'thinking
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This is Jocelyn Komax Shenzhen Technology Co. , Ltd. Our factory specializes in manufacturing and exporting of electronic cigarettes and Accessory.We have profuse designs with series quality grade , and expressly, our price is very competitive because we are factory , which are the source.i want to find partners.
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Searching for keywords that are closer to their products and select those with the highest wires .... publish your product online with keywords MOQ full details , prices and specialty ...... you look for buyers on Alibaba for ur product .......... give them their dues .... tries to find buyers in different B2B sites like Tradekey , etc ....... globalsources also have to figure out the prices of other suppliers and compare with yours ...... so you know how ur prices are competative ..... show that all ur products ...... I say more about the company and why ..... ur u are better than others ..... hear the views of buyers in the product and pricing ur ........ and you get used to ;)
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Try to find suppliers of gold with more than two years as a Gold Member on Alibaba , I ask refrences , check and make sure that you will get what you paid, if you are not sure this would not be better to take the risk >> ,> If you are looking for electronic brands that is not in the right place to buy this >> If you are looking for the mark does not , ensure quality, most dealers offer cheap price can deliver what you are looking for, but the quality is too weak >> be better to use a third party to do so. >> Thank you.
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