Application of activated carbon in advanced treatment of coal gasification wastewater

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The discharge of coal gasification wastewater has high requirements for water quality indicators. It is difficult for general biochemical treatment methods to meet the requirements of effluent indicators. It must be further processed to meet the standards, which is the so-called advanced treatment. At present, more advanced wastewater treatment processes are mainly used Ozone oxidation method, ultraviolet method, advanced oxidation method, etc. 

The biological aerated filter process (BAF) with activated carbon as the filter material has been widely used in coal gasification wastewater, and the treatment effect is being affirmed by professionals. The main process flow includes: A/O process + BAF.

BAF can not only play the role of filtration, but also process coal gasification through microbial membrane formation. Activated carbon is the main carrier of filtration and membrane formation in BAF. Its characteristics of large voids and large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity provide this process. Good material.

The commonly used filter materials for biological aerated filter generally include ceramsite volcanic rock, Pall ring, Raschig ring and other filter materials.yongruida activated charcoal pellets   Volcanic rock is effective as a filter material but has limited resources and higher costs, while ceramsite and other filter materials are not as effective as activated carbon. In comparison, activated carbon has certain advantages in the application of BAF, especially the newly developed activated carbon has certain price advantages, but the effect needs to be tested.

Activated carbon also has important applications in the treatment of coal gasification wastewater reuse. It is mainly used in the filter in front of the reuse process ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis equipment to remove organic matter, suspended matter, free chlorine and other substances in the water. Activated carbon also has certain applications in the defoaming of biological foam. 


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