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View all 12 customers who see the opening of its creator creative opening 12 clients? 1, the money. Such as "Manager Zhang, tell you to save half of its approach to the electric company." 2, the sincere compliment. Such as "the king of all, the house is designed in a unique way," Another example is "Congratulations, ah, General Lee, I just saw on his election in the newspaper business leaders of Ten", the kernel is sincere do not listen so rosy. 3, the use of curiosity. The exploration and curiosity is human nature, as a carpet merchant to the customer, said: "Every day spent only six cents to a penny can make your bedroom carpet" customers will be very curious, next you in particular by the number of free play, but the conclusions are still at the beginning of the sentence. 4, the reference to the influence of others. 5, give reputable companies or persons. Such as "director Lee, a company of Zhang adopted the recommendations of the business conditions of our company up," 6, ask questions. Such as "director Zhang, do you think your plant is a major factor in product quality, what?" As a question undoubtedly lead each other in the interview. 7, to provide information, especially useful information for customers, such as market conditions, new technologies and knowledge of new products, will result in the customer's attention. 8, sight to see, take a look at Amway salespeople to understand. 9, the use of products. The township enterprises in Henan, a director of the factory production design, exquisite workmanship of the shoes on the desk manager of Zhengzhou Hualian, the manager can not help but eye catching, and asked "What occurs, the amount of money on a pair? " Customers from 10 to ask for help, as "the king of the total, but you are a computer expert. This is my company has developed a new team, guide the design of the problems still exist?" 11 highlights different. If a life insurance salesman, representative of the business card to eat, "76600" number of meals, the client will be very curious, and then you in a word, then you can go on 12, using gifts.
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