Classification and application of coconut shell activated carbon

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Coconut shell activated carbon is refined with coconut shell as raw material. The shape is irregular particles. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, prosperous pore structure, larger surface area, fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity, easy regeneration, and durability. activated charcoal pellets for odor  Mainly used for food, beverage, medicinal activated carbon, alcohol, air purification activated carbon and high-purity drinking water deodorization, removal of heavy metals in water, dechlorination and liquid decolorization.

It can be widely used in solvent recovery and gas separation in the chemical industry. Coconut shell activated carbon has a long service life and a complete variety. They are special activated carbon for gold extraction, activated carbon for water treatment, monosodium glutamate refined carbon, special carbon for petrochemical sweetening, vinylon catalyst carrier activated carbon, ethylene desalted water carbon, cigarette filter carbon, etc. Used in food, medical, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steelmaking, tobacco, precision chemical and other industries.

Coconut shell granular activated carbon is often used in gas phase adsorption, and the airflow is usually passed through the activated carbon layer to stop the adsorption.coconut activated charcoal  Depending on the state of the activated carbon layer in the adsorption installation, the adsorption layer has a fixed layer, a moving layer and a movable layer. However, small adsorbers such as deodorizers in refrigerators and automobiles rely on gas convection and diffusion to stop adsorption. In addition to granular activated carbon.

Activated carbon fibers and activated carbon moldings are also being increasingly used in gas phase adsorption. The air in instrument rooms, air-conditioning rooms, public rooms and subsea equipment, due to external pollution or the influence of crowd activities in a closed environment, often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulfides, corrosive components, etc. , The formation of fine instrument corrosion or affect human health. Activated carbon can be used to stop purification and remove impurities. 


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