Introduction to the application of coal columnar activated carbon

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Using anthracite as a raw material, processing through a unique production process, and then through molding and other procedures, a black cylindrical granular activated carbon can be produced. This activated carbon product is a coal-based columnar activated carbon. 

Nowadays, activated carbon is used very much, and it is used in various fields. It has brought great help to our country's industrial production and also made a very important contribution to environmental protection. granular activated carbon manufacturers   The coal-based columnar activated carbon produced by our company is also used a lot, the effect is very good, and it is used in many industrial production. For example, the effect is very prominent in the fields of wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment, and the amount of use is also large. 

Traditional coal-based columnar activated carbon uses anthracite as the raw material, and is then produced through the steps of crushing, forming, carbonization and activation, but our company now uses very advanced technology, using high-quality coal raw materials. After production, the activated carbon is produced The product is even better. Although there is no big difference in appearance, they are all black cylindrical particulate matter, but our company‚Äôs products have a more reasonable microporous structure. Products of the same volume can absorb more impurities, so the adsorption function is better than Other products are stronger. Moreover, this activated carbon product has high mechanical strength, can be used repeatedly, and the price is relatively much cheaper. 

This coal-based columnar activated carbon can be used in a wide range, for example, it can be used in many fields for water treatment. powdered carbon For example, tap water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, beverage production, etc., will all use activated carbon products. In the field of air treatment, its importance is self-evident. For example, the purification of industrial waste gas, the recovery of toxic gases, and the separation of some oil and gas mixtures, etc., require a very large amount of activated carbon. 

In fact, there are many types of coal-based columnar activated carbon, such as ordinary activated carbon, which is used in industrial waste gas treatment and wastewater purification. The slightly better one can be used for the treatment of drinking water and the recovery of impurities in the wastewater of electronic factories, and it can also be used for the decolorization of chemical raw materials. The effect is also very significant. Good activated carbon products can be used in the food industry, because this industry has very high requirements and requires the use of higher-level products. 

In fact, whether it is coal-based columnar activated carbon or wood, their essence is the same, but the raw materials are different, so the price and cost are different, and the adsorption performance is also different, so when we buy it, we choose according to personal needs and use environment.


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