Both moving and selling mobile phones regardless of the phone calls I have nothing with it?

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Asked at 2012-02-17 01:35:22
10 days ago I bought some gifts for mobile phone calls, the business is the area of dynamics, the sale of mobile phones on campus, said the money will not answer the phone , call a point of a hair. I spent a few days later to check the block more than 80 calls to mobile search to answer the phone on campus to play for a minute or hair 3. I'll call and sale of mobile phones, he said, to edit the text " school name to a specific number " to open this business. However, when buying a mobile phone , he said, is the purchase of this business, has not told me to send text messages. I do not know what to edit the number,ah ! He also said he just got on my machine , mobile phone texting to ask to send the message, the phone also said there is no such thing. The idea of motion that I went to edit this text. I'm not fat , the phone would not know which school . What a joke! How do I know to be sent to 012368850 ! Now the people who sell mobile phones to sell phone told me he was not optimistic about the prospects , while, so I'm looking for people who print brochures! ! No matter how much money consumers have therefore been pushed to push to go ? I can tell you that justice ?
Answer1Holden DeYass Answered at 2012-02-17 01:39:34
Mobile operators have the obligation to remember. Be sure to decision problems , fear of anxiety , as long as you stick with mobile 10086 artificial complaints , the phone does not criticize without noise, make no more than three debit my account ! ! !
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