What is activated carbon usually made of? bamboo or coconut shell?

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Imagine this: You’ve got one hour to pack for your dream vacation, and all you can take with you is a carry on – what do you toss in your bag? I can tell you one item that would definitely be in mine, whether I’m headed to Iceland’s hot springs or a beach in Bali – activated charcoal.granular activated carbon price

The stuff is basically the Swiss Army knife of natural living – one bottle can serve as first aid, a portable spa treatment, and a tooth whitener. And that’s just a few of the uses for activated charcoal.

Although it sounds similar to the charcoal bricks you throw in a BBQ grill to make dijon rosemary marinaded shish kabobs, it’s actually very different. Sometimes called activated carbon, activated charcoal is made by burning natural materials – often hardwood, bamboo or coconut shells – at high temperatures until they transform into adsorbent granules that are ground into powder.

To understand how activated charcoal works, let’s talk about absorption and adsorption. You already know what absorption is – when fluid is dissolved into a liquid or solid, like water being absorbed by a paper towel.

Adsorption is a little different – think of it more like a magnet binds strongly to the surface certain substances, grabbing onto them so they can’t get away.

Millions of micropores in activated charcoal grab onto heavy metals, viruses, poisons, certain types of bacteria, and other substances.

Just two grams (about 4 capsules of coconut-derived activated charcoal) has a larger surface area than an entire football field.ningxia yongruida carbon co. ltd 


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