Rod Making Machine Making Sawdust Briquettes

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The new rod making machine is also called wood chip making machine, rice husk rod making machine, sawing rod making machine, sawdust briquette machine, and charcoal briquette machine. This machine is a device for making materials into rod-shaped solid fuel under high temperature and high pressure. The rod making machine uses the thermocouple temperature adjustment indicator, which can set the temperature according to the work needs, the operation is stable and convenient, the heating time is greatly improved, the cost is saved, the benefit is improved, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, and the like, the rod making machine can be made mandrel with a diameter of 45mm, 50mm, 55mm.

The Advantages Of The New Rod Making Machine

The rod making machine has high speed, high density of finished product, high molding efficiency, no cracking, easy temperature adjustment, etc. In addition, the screw propeller of the new rod making machine adopts special wear-resistant material, and the service life is several times higher than that of the traditional propeller. Precision casting with special formulated alloy materials, long life, not only saves maintenance costs, but also greatly increases the production efficiency.

The Principle Of The New Rod Making Machine

1. Forming principle

The plant contains a large amount of lignin and cellulose. The lignin has no melting point but has a softening point. When the temperature is 120-160 °C, the hot water-soluble matter in the lignin begins to dissolve, and the lignin will not only dissolve at 180 °C. Softening and plasticizing, when a certain pressure is applied to make it adhere to the fibers and adhere to the adjacent particles. The rod-out technique is formed by heating and extruding this characteristic of the equipment.

2. Molding conditions

People use the principle that equipment can soften, so that they can be formed under certain conditions. Due to the different types of materials, different water content, different volume and specific gravity, the uncertainty of molding conditions are required. It has caused the uncertainty of the rod technology and the complexity of the process. Some technical problems still trouble thecustomer. Therefore, mastering the rod technology is equivalent to mastering the whole technology of mechanism charcoal production.

Hope this rod making machine can help you know more about rod making machine, if you want to build your own charcoal briquette plant, please contact us. 


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