Start cleaning up spam mail hotmail email a

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send spam Hotmail mailbox began to wipe that is moving, and yesterday when you go online the following message : This account has been closed for violating the terms of use, your account has been closed. To reactivate your account , please do the following: 1. Click the link below and fill out electronic forms support . 2 . In the "Choose an option" , choose the user name / connection. 3 . In the resulting " Please select an option" , select the account is closed. Access is denied. 4 . Please answer marked with an asterisk (*) mark all the questions, then click " Send". We will review your request and respond within 24 hours. Please do not send more of the same worksheet , we would not respond to your request . In fact , I have sent dozens of letters a day , a small number , no waiting ,oh! !
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E -mail promotion now very difficult to release a few e- mails which closed in very depressed
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