How Can The Charcoal Briquette Machine Produce High-Quality Mechanism Charcoal

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The charcoal briquette machine can produce high-quality charcoal, thus realizing economic benefits. Then, when we use the new charcoal machine to produce mechanism charcoal, we must not only have good equipment and operating techniques, but also select the appropriate raw materials and know its dry humidity. So, what requirements does the charcoal briquette machine on raw materials ?

What Requirements Does The Charcoal Briquette Machine On Raw Materials

There are many raw materials used in the production of machine-made charcoal, such as straw, wood chips, branches, peanut shells, furfural residue, wine lees, mushroom sticks, sludge, and a range of carbonaceous substances. Some crop burning materials can also be used as mechanism charcoal raw materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Generally speaking, the production of mechanical charcoal with a charcoal briquette machine requires stricter raw materials, including two aspects: one is the length of the raw material, and the other is the dryness and wetness of the raw material.In order to grasp the length and humidity of the raw materials, a crusher machine and a dryer machine are used. The particle size of the raw charcoal is between 3-6mm, and the humidity is between 6% -12%. Only by mastering these two aspects can produce high-quality mechanism charcoal.

How Can The Charcoal Briquette Machine Produce High-Quality Mechanism Charcoal

1. Only high-quality charcoal machine equipment can produce high-qualitycharcoal rods. The charcoal briquette machine equipment produced by Fusmar Machinery has reasonable design and can make high quality mechanism charcoal.

2. To produce high-quality mechanism charcoal, drying is very important. High-quality mechanism charcoal can be made if the humidity of the raw material guaranteed at 6-12%.If the humidity of the raw materials is high, and the charcoal is difficult to form. If the humidity is not enough, the charcoal will easily crack. Only by mastering the humidity of the raw materials can make high-quality charcoal.

3. The propeller in the charcoal making machine is also very important. If the angle of the end face of the propeller becomes smaller, or the contact surface becomes rough, the carbon rod cannot meet the requirements.

4. The temperature of the forming cylinder of the rod making machine should be 260 to 300℃. If the temperature is too high, the rod will be soft. If the temperature is low, the rod will be cracked. In order to produce high-quality charcoal rods, it is necessary to master the temperature of the forming cylinder.

The charcoal machine equipment divided into four steps: crushing, drying, briquette making, and carbonization. The entire charcoal briquette production line equipment consists of crusher, dryer, charcoal briquette machine, and carbonization furnace. If you want to build your own charcoal briquette production line, please contact us.  


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