Things You Need To Know About Sheep Feed Pellets Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

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The sheep feed pellets are according to the sheep growth needs the nutrient concentration of each different stage, carries on the scientific formula. A variety of feed raw materials, including coarse feed, fine feed, feed additives, and other components, with the feed pellet machine equipment after crushing, mixing, and made of compound feed pellets.

How To Choose A Suitable Feed Pellet Machine For Your Sheep

1. According to the different yields.

Generally speaking, the sheep feed pellet machine divided into ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine. Common ring die feed pellet machine with grass powder pellet machine unit.Generally suitable for medium and large sheep farms.The feeding method is forced feeding.The flat die feed pellet machine is more suitable for medium and small farmers.The feed mode of the flat die feed pellet machine is straight-on and straight-feed, but the yield is relatively low.

2. According to the different feed formulas.

Generally speaking, large-scale sheep farms will choose to supplement some concentrates in sheep feed as a supplement. If there is too much concentrated in the formula and the degree of ripening required is large, you can choose to use the ring die feed pellet machine to determine the degree of ripening of the feed by increasing the number of modulators. Of course, the price of the ring die feed pellet machine is also more expensive than the flat die feed pellet machine.

Sheep Feed Pellets Prominent Advantages

1. Mixed evenly, balanced nutrition, and sheep feed pellets can effectively avoid picky eating.

2. Improving feed palatability and feed intake. Compared with the traditional method of separate feeding of coarse and refined feed, pellet feed can increase the probiotics' reproduction and growth in sheep, promote the full absorption of nutrients and improve feed efficiency. It can effectively solve the problem of nutrition supply in a negative balance period (such as winter).

3. Increasing rumen function and effectively prevent digestive tract diseases. Sheep feed pellets can not only ensure the normal rumination of sheep but also greatly reduce the energy consumption of sheep rumination. And effectively control the rumen PH value between 6.4 to 6.8, it is advantageous to the rumen microbial activity and protein synthesis, so as to avoid the happening of rumen acidosis and other related diseases. The practice has proved that using months sheep feed, not only can reduce the digestive tract disease about more than 90%, also can improve the immunity of sheep, reduce the occurrence of epidemic diseases.

4. Improving the growth speed and shorten the period of raising. According to the different nutrition needed in different stages of sheep growth, the feed formula with balanced nutrition can be formulated more accurately, so that the daily increment can be greatly increased. For example, goats 10-40 kg, the average daily increment can reach 200 grams, compared with the ordinary from ingredients that can shorten the period of 3 months.

Hope this article can help you to know more about sheep feed pellets. If you want to buy the sheep feed pellet machine equipment, please contact us. 

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