Organic Fertilizer Production Line Configuration

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The organic fertilizer production line can configure according to your actual needs and operating funds. Generally, when purchasing organic fertilizer production line equipment, our sales designer will give you a reasonable production line plan according to your own situation.

For many entrepreneurs who start producing bio-fertilizers, it is difficult to fully understand the process and find the best match for each machine. Based on years of experience and customer demand, we launched different types of organic fertilizer production line. It is centrally controlled and highly automated. Not only that, Fusmar organic fertilizer production line is very energy efficient.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer granulator machine manufacturer, this article will introduce organic fertilizer production line in detail.

The Simplest Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The simplest organic fertilizer production line only needs: fermentation equipment - raw material warehouse - beltconveyor - crusher - beltconveyor - screening machine - storage silo. The unpacked powdered organic fertilizer is produced with low economic value and is recommended for personal use.On this basis, a packaging machine can also add for packaging and sale.

Disc Granulator Production Line

Disc granulator production line includes: fermentation equipment - crusher - beltconveyor - mixer - beltconveyor - disc granulator - beltconveyor - dryer - belt conveyor - cooler - beltconveyor - screening machine - beltconveyor - package coating machine - elevator - packaging scale. In the screening machine, the bad particles can transmission back to the granulator.

Today, organic agriculture is highly praised and the demand for bio-organic fertilizer is bound to increase. The fertilizer production line has a high yield, high quality, and good market prospects. Come and choose!

Roller Extrusion Granulator Production Line

With years of production experience, Fusmar Machinery manufactured roller extrusion granulation machine based on the original two-roller extrusion granulation. It can widely use in the fertilizer processing industry, feed production units, and chemical industry for granulation, production, and processing of powder materials.

Roller extrusion granulator production line includes: fermentation equipment - crusher - beltconveyor - roller extrusion granulator - beltconveyor - sieving machine - beltconveyor - coating machine - elevator - packaging scale. In the screening machine, the bad particles can transmission back to the granulator.

Because the theme is broad if you are interested in organic fertilizer equipment or have the idea of starting an organic fertilizer factory. Please click the organic granulator machine, and ask for the machine details, our sales designer will contact you ASAP. 

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