Feed Pellet Mill Application Of The Flat Die Pellet Machine

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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional flat die pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the application of the flat die pellet machine in detail.

Development Of The Feed Pellet Machine

With the rise of the breeding industry, automated machinery has replaced artificial, feed pellet machine has entered thousands of households, and complete feed processing equipment has become a competent assistant for feed processing plants. The feed pellet machine complete set of equipment is composed of a variety of equipment, and its complete set of equipment consists of feed pellet machine, feed hammer mill, feed mixer, silo, screw feeder, feed cooling machine and so on.

Only need to manually press the button, the work of the feed pellet production line can complete automatically, saving time, saving labor, and improving work efficiency, reducing costs for users. Nowadays, users like large-scale, high-efficiency, fully automated modern farming, so they can improve work efficiency, reduce feeding costs and increase profits. It can guarantee the comprehensive nutrition of poultry. Feeding pelleted feed can increase the feed intake of animals, avoid picky eaters, facilitate digestion and absorption, and shorten the growth cycle. It can not only compress cattle and sheep feed pellets but also process pig, chicken, duck, goose and aquatic fish feed pellets.

Introduction Of The Flat Die Pellet Machine

The flat die feed pellet machine rotates smoothly and has low noise. The feeding depends on the gravity of the material itself to avoid clogging. It can effectively remove the gas in the material and increase the tightness of the product. Due to the low line speed, the noise generated during operation and the wear of components reduced. It can produce high-fat, high-sugar-free products. The roller bearings have long-lasting lubrication and special sealing to prevent lubricant contamination and reduce lubricant loss during granulation. This model is available in a variety of flat molds with different aperture and compression ratios. Users can select flat dies with different apertures and compression ratios according to different needs to obtain the best technical and economic benefits.

Application Of The Flat Die pellet Machine

Fusmar Machinery produced flat die pellet machine is a new type of feed pellet machine. It uses corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk as raw materials and pressed into feed pellets. It is widely used in animal husbandry, large and medium-sized breeding farm, feed mill.

Advantages Of The Product

1. The flat die pellet machine can use the shaft to move the granules without the need for a belt. Using high-tech technology, it is much more prevalent than the original belt. The machine does not need to add any water to make the pellets. When manufacturing, we designed for small-scale breeding farm. At the same time, the pellets can preserve for a long time, and it is not a problem for more than half a year.

2. The flat die pellet machine also plays a bactericidal role in the process of operation. The maximum temperature of 75 degrees can kill microbial species without affecting the quality of the material.

3. The die and pressure roller of the flat die feed pellet machine exquisitely made of high alloy wear-resistant materials. Featuring long service life, reasonable structure, firmness, and durability.

Choosing a suitable feed pellet mill and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed pellets. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of self-making, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of feed pellet machine, feed mixer, feed packing machine, feed hammer mill, counter flow cooler and other feed machinery. 


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