Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine Tips For Tilapia Farming

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Tilapia is a very popular fish since it is so popular, the economic value is not low, so many farmers think tilapia is a good choice.Many people know that it is very popular in the market, and the market saturation is far from enough.Although this kind of fish is relatively profitable, the cultivation conditions are also relatively harsh. Therefore, if people want to make money by raising tilapia, they need to pay special attention to its cultivation methods, so as to make money for themselves.

Fish feed pellet is very important to farm tilapia. Fish feed machine is an indispensable machinery to make fish feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer.

Environmental Requirements

Tilapia has certain requirements for the environment, so the construction of the pond must consider all aspects of factors, The first is about pond cleaning and disinfection work, must put the water in the pond out, and clean the silt. On the construction of the wall should repair it smooth, so as not to let the tilapia injuryin the process of swimming. When the fish ponds built, it can be sprinkled with quicklime, and make sure that every corner is thoroughly disinfected. Finally, cleaned with water.Dry for another 7 to 10 days to ensure disinfection, then fill the pond with water and wait for tiddler to be released.

Selection Of Tiddler

You choose this fragile fish farming, must choose a good businessman to buy tiddler. Otherwise, get sick fish will get a big loss. When selecting fry, be sure to choose the body surface, the gloss is good and the size is uniform. If you want to see if they are healthy, you can observe the facilities when feeding them. If their appetite is better, generally speaking, that their physique is healthier and they can be procured back.

In grazing fish, you should also note that this kind of fish larvae is also very fragile, can't live in the environment of water is too deep. So in the early just need to put a meter deep water, it is beneficial to their breathing. And before the launch to fry a disinfection soaking it for 30 minutesin 3% saltwater, wait until the disinfection is complete, then put them into the fish pond.

Feeding Management

Because tilapia eats a lot of things, you can give them a part of the heat through organic debris or water plants. It can also be put with fish feed pellets, which can maintain water circulation. Or it can be planted with aquatic plants at the edge of the pond, which provides both oxygen and a resting place for them.Because of the high temperature at noon, they usually choose to avoid the heat.

In other respects, everyone also needs to pay attention to it, it is mainly the details. For example, when you put the feed, in addition to regular quantification, it is best to choose to feed at a fixed location. At this time, it is easy to find the source of food. Otherwise, it is very likely that no food can be found. And the time of feeding is kept for about half an hour. This can improve the efficiency of eating. When the time is later, the water depth is controlled at about three meters. If anything is possible, choosing a suitable floating fish feed pellet machine to make fish feed pellets by yourself.

Above points is about tilapia breeding techniques. Although they are relatively fragile, they are just because of this bring business opportunities to everyone. Because there are fewer fish, the market demand is higher, so as long as the fish is enough good, the rewards you get will definitely make you very satisfied and will make you richer than others.

Hope the above tips can help you to know more about farming tilapia. If you want to build a fish feed production line, please contact us.


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