Feed Pellet Making Machine Things You Need To Know About Animal Feed Pellets Ingredients

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Animal feed ingredients refer to the feed that takes an animal, plant, microorganism or mineral as raw materials in feed processing. If you are interested in the feed pellet making machine, please read this article.

Here are several animal feed ingredients as follow:

Feed Pellet Making Machine To Make Corn(maize)

Corn is the main raw material of animal feed, generally fit accounted for about 60% of the diet. The energy of the corn value from the starchy endosperm and embryo, the former mainly composed of branched chain-starch. The latter mainly oil, corn protein content is low, quality is poor. Especially the lack of lysine, methionine, and tryptophan, livestock and poultry must amino acid. Corn contains a considerable amount of pigment, the energy levels and harvest corn season has a great relationship and maturity.

Mold and mycotoxin may be a major problem due to poor growing season and storage conditions. The corn often contaminated with aflatoxins, another mycotoxin that occurs in corn from time to time. If corn is fed with powder, it is better to use the feed pellet machine into 0.7-0.9mm particles.

Feed Pellet Making Machine To Make Wheat

Wheat generally has a crude protein of 13%-15%, less than 30% in poultry, and wheat contains 5-8% xylan and a certain amount of alpha-amylase inhibitors.Xylan may cause an increase in the viscosity of the digestive substance, resulting in a decrease in the overall dietary digestibility and increased fecal humidity. At the same time, it can combine with other cell wall components and absorb 10 times more water than its own amount, which will reduce the viscosity of the aged wheat.

The effective biotin content of wheat is low, the dosage as animal feed pellets should have certain limitations. Once had the user to use 75% of wheat to feed Turkey, appeared the phenomenon of serious hair loss. It mainly because of the low utilization rate of the vitamin in wheat.For example, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and another major impact on hair absorption of vitamins utilization rate is not high.

Barley As Feed Ingredients

Barley is a kind of raw material in the middle of energy and protein content, the protein content is generally around 11-13%.Young animals have a poor ability to digest barley, which may relate to the beta-glucan contained in it, and contains a moderate level of trypsin inhibitor, the mechanism of action related to arginine polyvalent chelation.

Naked barley has higher crude protein content than skin barley.The content of crude fiber in barley was higher than that in corn and similar to that in wheat.Husk barley is second only to rice, millet and so on.From the conventional feed composition, all showed the energy feed characteristics.However, the effective energy of husk barley was 0.42 ~ 0.84MJ/kg lower than the naked barley.In energy animal feed pellets, naked barley and husk barley are both grain with high protein content and good quality. From the point of view of protein quality, barley as a compound animal feed pellet material has its unique merits. In addition, the content of minerals and trace elements in naked barley and husk barley are also high in grain.

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