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Turning Machine Fermentation Trough Type Polishing Machine Introduction02019-09-28 23:56:21
Fertilizer fermentation turning machine used in the fermentation of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill sludge, slag cakes, and straw sawdust. It widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, horticultural fields, agaricus bisporus plantations, and so on. fermentation and dehydration operations. Introduction Of The Fermentation Trough Turning Machine Suitable for aerobic fermentation, it can use together with solar fermentation room, fermentation tank, and mobile machine. It can use with the mobile machine to realize the function of one machine and multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can continuously discharge or batch, high in efficiency, stable in operation, durable, and evenly turned. The control cabinet centrally controlled and can realize manual or automatic control functions. The shovel is durable, it has a certain crushing and mixing function for the material. The limit travel switch functions as a safety and limit function. Use Characteristics Of The Machine The trough type turning machine is one of the main supporting equipment of the fertilizer machinery equipment unit. It is suitable for the trough type fermentation, it is the core equipment for the industrialized and harmless treatment of animal husbandry, urban garbage, and urban sewage sludge. The machine has a reasonable design structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, easy to use, low cost, and wide application. It is a popular model. Advantage Of Fermentation Trough Turning Machine 1. The feeding port can design the automatic feeding machine according to the characteristics of the raw materials. The discharging port can design the automatic discharging machine according to the semi-finished product warehouse location. Theelectronic controlcontrolled the feed and discharge. 2. Mechanized running water production consisting of rail-type strip fermenting tank and walking type automatic turning machine, turning machine, low energy consumption, easy operation, intelligent, and labor-saving. 3. The monomer fermentation equipment has a larger span and a deeper scale. 4. No need for external ventilation, adequate oxygen supply, inhibit anaerobic bacteria, completely control the occurrence of odor. 5. High-efficiency bacteria, heating up to 60 degrees in 2 days, can kill all pathogens, mites eggs and so on. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of fertilizer granulator machine, organic fertilizer making machine, organic fertilizer production line, and other fertilizer machinery. 
Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Poultry Farm02019-10-27 23:36:08
The organic fertilizer turning machine realizes the turning, stirring, and crushing of organic materials. After the material turned over, the material shows a loose agglomerate state, which makes it better for oxygen-consuming fermentation. The equipment has low energy consumption and high production efficiency. It can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Fertilizer Turning Machine Turns Waste Into Treasure The organic fertilizer turning machine consists of two parts: stirring and shifting. It can realize the functions of ventilation, crushing, and loosening during work. This is an essential equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. Its small size, high efficiency, stable operation, flexible installation, easy operation, strong adaptability to the site, easy maintenance and easy operation. The current society advocates green environmental protection, and the concepts of green agriculture and organic agriculture deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The trough type turning and polishing machine can not only turn waste into treasure, reduce environmental problems, but also provide high-quality fertilizer for agriculture. Using a trough-type throwing machine to turn these polluted soil into organic fertilizer. Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Chicken Farm In the chicken farm, a lot of chicken manure produced every day. Some farmers do not know how to deal with chicken manure. It is very headache. If they stacked directly, it will not only pollute the environmentbut also cause serious waste. A simple composting treatment technology that uses anorganic fertilizer turning machine to turn the pile during the fermentation process, thereby promoting rapid fermentation of organic waste. It is mainly suitable for small and medium-scale farm waste treatment. Putting the livestock and poultry pile together and stir it, about 60% of the water. Try to stack this up so that the temperature inside can maintain. Use an organic fertilizer turner to mix. If the weather is cold, put some straw on the pile to make it ferment better. The scale of modern farming is getting bigger and bigger, the demand for science and technology is getting higher and higher, and the economic benefits of scale are becoming more and more obvious. In the past, one person to breed one hundred to five hundred. It is normal for one person to breed one thousand to two thousand now, but the result of this will inevitably produce a large amount of manure. How to quickly and harmlessly treat the manure is also a new topic in front of the farmers. The manure and sewage generated by livestock and poultry farming are the resources of misplaced places. If well planned and properly utilized, not only the environment will be beautiful, but farmers will also get benefits. An Ideal Equipment For Organic Fertilizer Fermentation The trough type turning machine turns over the material to make it lose and breathable, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the material, which is a necessary means for composting fermentation. The self-propelled turning machine replaces the manual work, which improves the efficiency, ensures the quality of the pile, and reduces the labor cost. The organic fertilizer turning machine is the first choice for general organic fertilizer fermentation. The advantages of material turning thoroughly are the ideal choice for large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially for organic fertilizer manufacturers with a high land cost. Hope this article can help you to know more about organic fertilizer turning machine. If you want to build an organic fertilizer production line, please contact us. 
Fish Feed Machine Introduction Fish Feed Extruder Machine Manufacturer02019-07-25 03:19:18
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce the fish feed extruder machine in detail. We have two types of fish feed machine: dry fish feed machine and wet fish feed machine.According to customer requirements, they can choose to produce floating feed pellets or sinking feed pellets.The fish feed extruder can produce animal feed pellets of different diameters, which is suitable for producing animal feed pellets such as pet food, fish feed pellet, and shrimp feed pellet. Fish Feed Pellet Machine Introduction The fish feed pellet machine belongs to fish feed pelletizing equipment.The fish feed pellet machine uses the feed hammer mill, fish feed production machine and other mechanical equipment to set up the fish feed production line.The final feed pellet has a unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth texture.Used as feed for fish and shrimp.When extruding pellets, the time of floating on the surface can adjust by the degree of extrusion, which is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized fish farms (catfish, tilapia, shrimp, etc.). The Raw Materials Of Fish Feed Pellets Rice flour, cornflour, wheat flour, low-temperature soybean flakes, rice bran, wheat bran, fish flour, bone flour, etc. Wet Fish Feed Machine And Dry Fish Feed Machine Difference The biggest difference between the two bulking fish feed machines is whether they are equipped with an air conditioner connected to a steam boiler, that is to say, the wet fish feed machine needs a steam boiler, while the dry fish feed pellet machine does not.Another difference is the capacity, the capacity of dry fish feed machine is larger than that of wet fish feed machine. Customers can choose different models according to needs. Fish Feed Pellet Machine Advantages 1. The fish feed pellet machine can make all kinds of particle waste into nutrient-rich, digestible feed pellets. 2. It is not only applicable to the production of fish feed pellets but also applicable to the production of dog, cat, bird, rabbit, fox and other feed pellets. 3. Deeply popular by animal breeders and medium-sized feed mills. 4. Feed pellets produced by the feed pellet machine surface smooth, floating time more than 12 hours. Choosing a suitable fish feed production machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of making pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has expanded business in the whole world. We are dedicated to creating value for all of our customers. 
we are manufacturer of grinding wheel,polishing wheel used for Bavelloni/Lisec/Bystronic/Bottero glass polish machine.0ourania2012-07-20 06:23:02
We are Zhengzhou Longda Abrasive Co., Ltd, Our main products include 1 Polishing wheels for flat glass processing: 10S(9R),BD,BK,CE, X3000,X5000, low-e glass coating removal wheel, 2 Abrasive cloth: LD66, LD77 (yellow, red, pink) etc. 3 Diamond grinding wheel We have supplied products for Saint-gobain glass branch in China. The 10s polishing wheel can replace Italy RBM polishing wheel.The Polyurethane Polishing Pad can compare with Universal Photonics Polishing pads LP66. Products are widely used for flat glass, optical glass, stainless steel, ceramics, cutting tool etc. Foreign sales Betty skype: polishingwheel
Existing solar film marking machine, cutting film machine, packaging machine for sale2Nic2016-09-18 22:13:16
Existing film solar marking machine , cutting machine of the film, packaging machine for sale, anyone interested please contact me : 0531 -88521866 packaging machine for sale
Auto Packing Machine Introduction02019-09-11 01:20:05
The auto packing scale has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, strong environmental adaptability, and good system reliability. The packaging refers to the protective layer and decoration on the outside of the object. The package is to protect products during distribution, storage, transportation, and promote sales. Measurement refers to achieve unit unification and quantity transfer. Auto Packing Machine This auto packing machine specially designed for granular material packing machinery. It adopts an advanced weighing sensor, special weighing control terminal, programmable controller technology, and single bucket net weight measurement. This machine can realize all the quantitative packaging process of materials. How To Work Of The Automatic Packing Scale When the quantitative packing scale enters the automatic running state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door to start feeding, and the feeding device is a fast and slow feeding mode. When the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, stop the fast feeding, keep slow feeding. The material weight reaches the final set value, close the feeding door and complete the dynamic weighing process, at this time, the system detects whether the bagging device is in a predetermined state. When the packaging bag has been clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the weighing bucket discharge door, and the material enters the packaging bag. After the material discharged, the discharge door of the weighing hopper automatically closed. The bag squeezing device released and the packaging bag automatically dropped after the material unloaded. After the bag dropped, the bag sewn and transported to the next station. This cycle runs automatically. Auto Packing Machine performance Feature The auto packing machine integrates automatic weighing, conveying, and sewing. It has a compact structure, novel design, and convenient operation. This pellet packing machine adopts modular design. Highly versatile, it can achieve multi-purpose use through change different metering devices, saving factory investment. This machine equipped with a PLC control system, humanized design, high degree of automation, fault self-alarm, self-stop, self-diagnosis, safe and simple to use. The Advantages Of The Machine 1. Easy to clean and maintain. 2. According to the characteristics of the material, add dust cover and dust removal device. 3. Wide quantitative range, high precision and fast measuring speed, suitable for rapid measurement and packaging ofbags. 4. The contact part with the material is made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance, long service life, and high sanitary standard. 5. The selection of high-quality electrical components and electrical components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment. 6. Unique feeder design, feeding door adjustable, adapt to different material changes, to ensure high-speed and high-precision requirements. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional feed machinery manufacturer, we specialize in the production of feed pellet machine, feed mixer, feed packing machine, feed hammer mill and other feed machinery. 
New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine02020-08-25 01:51:20
This series of new type organic fertilizer granulator designed and manufactured through wet continuous pusher granulation. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail. New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Introduction   The new type of organic fertilizer granulator used for granulating various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process, no need to dry and crush the raw materials before granulation. Otherwise, the spherical granules can process through direct batching, which can save a lot of energy. The qualified granulation rate of the machine is up to 80-90%, adapting to many different formulations. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of disc and drum. The large ball rate is lower than 15%. The uniformity of particle size can pass according to user requirements. The stepless speed regulation function of this machine adjusted. The machine is most suitable for direct granulation after the fermentation of organic fertilizer, saving the drying process and greatly reducing the manufacturing cost. New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Application This machine is especially suitable for granulation of lightweight fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of the fine powder material, the higher the sphericity of the particles, and then the better the quality of the ball. Generally, the particle size before granulation should less than 200 mesh. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, carbon black, clay, kaolin and so on. This machine can not only granulate a variety of organic materials, especially coarse fiber materials that are difficult to granulate using conventional equipment. Such as crop straw, wine residue, slag, dregs, animal waste, and so on. The granulation effect of raw materials such as humic acid and municipal sludge also achieved good results. New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Features The new organic fertilizer granulator uses the mechanical agitation force of high-speed rotation, thereby generated the aerodynamic force. Continuously mix, granulate, spheroid and compact the fine powder material in the machine, thereby achieving the purpose of granulation. The shape of the particles is spherical, the sphericity is ≥0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥90%. The particle diameter can appropriately adjust through the material mixing amount and the spindle rotation speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the higher the rotation speed, the higher the particle size. And vice versa. The granules produced are spherical. The organic content can as high as 100% to achieve pure organic granulation. Using organic particles under a certain force, they can inlay with each other, and no binder needed for granulation. The particles are solid and can sieve after granulation to reduce drying energy consumption. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to dry, and the raw material moisture content can be 20-40. Working principle Of The Machine The new organic fertilizer granulator consists of a body part, a granulation rotor part, and a transmission part. The working principle of the new organic fertilizer granulator is that the material enters the machine from the inlet of one end of the machine body, and then continuously pushed through the granulation rotor and mechanically moved with the casing to achieve the purpose of granulation. Finally, the finished granules are at the other end of the body pushed outside the machine. The motor and reducer drove the rotor of the transmission part. The transmission part and the body part mostly fixed on the same frame, which not only has a firm structure, stable operation, but also very convenient to install. It is a new era of environmentally friendly fertilizer production equipment. Now, this new type of organic fertilizer wet granulator is popular among the users. The wet organic fertilizer granulator of Fusmar Machinery sells well in domestic and foreign markets and enjoys a high welcome. The birth of new products, new production processes, energy-saving, and environmental protection are trustworthy! 
Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder Machine12022-09-13 04:33:22
Wet type fish feed extruder machine is mainly used to produce all kinds of floating or sinking aqua feed for fish, shrimp, eel, bullfrog, etc. It can also be adopted to produce feed pellets for a pet, such as dogs, cats, and so on. Raw materials for this machine can be corn, soybean meal, rice barn, fish meal, rice barn, etc. The sizes of final feed pellets ranges from 0.9 to 15mm. Wet type fish feed extruder is mainly used in medium or large size fish feed production line and aquaculture farms. Features Of Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder 1.The sizes of the feed pellets can be adjusted according to the customer requirement by changing different molds. 2. Floating pellets made by this fish feed pellet making machine have high quality which can float on the water for more than 12 hours. 3. Raw materials can be fully cooked as the boiler provides hot steam into the conditioner continuously, so the nutritional value of the feed pellets can be improved. 4. Key parts have a long service life as they are processed through vacuum quench treatment with high processing precision. 5. Salmonellosis and bacterial infections can be killed during the high temperature and high pressure pelletizing process, which can also make pellets easy to digest and absorb. 6. Operating parts adopt the humanization design which makes the machine easy to operate. Floating Or SinkingFish Feed Pellets Commercial fish feed pellets can be divided into two types: floating type and traditional sinking type. Both types can reach satisfactory growth, but some fish species prefer floating type, while others prefer sinking type, both have pros and cons. The floating type has some advantages compared with the sinking type. As we have mentioned above, salmonellosis and bacterial infections can be killed during the pelletizing process, so it can reduce disease infections. The remains of sinking pellets at the bottom of the tank will often go rot while floating type can retain its shape for long hours, so floating fish feed pellets can reduce waste. Besides, farmers can observe the feeding intensity and adjust feeding rates accordingly with floating fish feed pellets. 
Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine02021-06-22 02:41:07
This type of floating fish feed extruder machine belongs to wet method type feed extruding machine for kinds of fish, which is specialized for big production capacity and big feed production factory, we also have another type of fish feed pellet machine for home use and small farm use. As your requirement,you can choose to produce how much big of finished floating fish feed pellets, our feed extrusion machine can produce animal feed pellets with diameter from 0.9-12mm, applicable to produce pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets. Besides,except floating fish feed extruder machine, we have sinking type feed pellet mill for making sinking pellets. Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder Machine Wet type fish feed extruder machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for many kinds of pet like fish, catfish, shrimps, crab, cat, dog and etc. Grain materials employed in fish feed pellet making machine are such as wheat, soybean, cake and other leftovers.Moreover, puffing pellets produced by the pellet extruder machine can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 12 hours. Wet type feed extruder machine is mainly employed in medium or large size feed processing factory and aquaculture farm. For large scale production of quality pellets, it is profitable to opt wet type feed extrusion machine. Classification Features Of Fish Feed Extruder The fish feed production equipment can be divided into two types: Dry type fish feed extruder and Wet type fish feed extruder. The differences and features of the dry type and wet type pellet feed extruder: 1. Dry type fish feed extruder does not need the steam boiler while the wet type is with the conditioner and need to equip the steam boiler. So the dry type fish feed pellet extruder machine is cheaper and easier to use and operate 2. The feed pellet made by wet type fish feed pellet machine is more smooth and with better quality because the material is ripen and mixed enough in the conditioner compared with the dry type extruder. 3. The capacity of the wet type is higher than the dry type feed pellet extruding machine, so usually the wet type fish feed extrusiong machine is suitable for large feed pellet factory while the dry type fish feed pellet machine is better and economic for the small and medium size user or factory. 
Why Panasonic KX-FLB758CN one type of fax machine can not scan color images1) ã„£ flowers. 2012-05-28 03:39:29
Why Panasonic KX- FLB758CN a type of fax machine can not scan color images
Wood Pellet Machine Is A New Type Of Biomass Energy Equipment02020-05-13 01:09:13
Wood pellet machine, also known as sawdust pellet machine, biomass pellet machine, is a new type of biomass energy equipment. The pellet fuel made by the sawdust pellet machine can replace biomass energy, low carbon, and environmental protection. Wood pellet machine adopts a more advanced vertical structure, vertical feeding, which is conducive to heat dissipation. Biomass Pellet Machine Promotes The Development Of Agriculture Biomass pellet machine has promoted the development of agriculture, and the scope of use is also very wide. The following is a brief introduction to the scope of use of biomass pellet machine: 1. Civil heating and domestic energy consumption: Biomass fuel has a high utilization rate and is easy to store. Biomass pellet machine can convert agricultural and forestry waste such as wood chips, straw, rice husk, bark, and other biomass raw materials through pretreatment and processing to solidify into high-density pellet fuel, which is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene, which can save energy. It can save energy and reduce emissions, and has good economic and social benefits. 2. Biomass industrial boilers: Biomass fuel is used as the main fuel of industrial boilers to replace coal combustion and solveenvironmental pollution. Biomass pellet machine can solidify domestic garbage and factory wasteinto efficient and clean renewable energy. Biomass pellet machine can be divided into flat die biomass pellet machine and ring die biomass pellet machine. 3. The biomass fuel pellet machine can also process wood chips, sawdust, fuel wood, wood shavings, wood scraps, bagasse, etc., which can be solidified to form pellet fuel. 4. Power generation: Biomass fuels can be used as fuel for thermal power generation. If you want to know more about wood pellet production line equipment, please visit our website. There is a lot of wood pellet machine information, wood pellet machine picture, wood pellet machine introduction, grinder function, wood pellet machine product knowledge, wood pellet machine news, wood pellet machine dynamics, etc. 
Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Technology02019-11-13 00:53:59
Organic fertilizers contain organic matter, which can provide a variety of inorganic nutrients and organic nutrients for crops, as well as fertilizer and improve the soil. Most of them are farmed locally and are self-contained. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer granulator machine manufacturer. The following describes the fermentation technology of organic fertilizers. The Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials The manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, and other fertilizer base materials piled on the flat ground in strips. The trough type turning machine directly puts the material into the tank, the stack width and the equipment stacking width are equal, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 50 meters, 100 meters, and so on.The ground can be cement and land, as long as it is level, there is a certain hardness. For every 10,000 tons of production required 5-6 acres of land, the trough type of throwing machine relatively small. The piled livestock manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, and other fertilizer base materials sprinkled with beneficial bacterial fertilizer fermentation. Organic Fertilizer Production Line Fermentation Technology Mixed the straw manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, fermenting bacteria, and so on. With a turning machine or trough-type throwing machine, and deodorize them in 3-5 hours, and heat up to 50 degrees in 16 hours. When the temperature reaches 55 degrees, the oxygen turned up again, and then the mixture starts to mix. When the temperature of the material reaches 55 degrees and the effect of uniform fermentation. Oxygenation and temperature reduction repeated, and the last process repeated until completely decomposed. If the water content of livestock manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. is too high, it is possible to add an auxiliary material containing organic matter. Which is relatively dry to absorb moisture, or to use a reflux method to place the last dried fertilizer underneath to form a strip. In the shape, the manure and other materials with large water content and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. are placed in the middle, so that the above water seeps below and then turned over. Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment The general fertilization process takes 10-15 days. Due to the different climates, it may take 15-20 days. The materials completely decomposed, and truly achieve no odor, no pathogens, no weed seeds, high humus, potassium content increased. Powdered organic fertilizer is made. If the powdered fertilizer wants to make into granular fertilizer, organic fertilizer production line necessary to add equipment such as disc granulator, fertilizer crusher machine, grading sieve, dryer, cooling machine, automatic packaging machine, belt conveyor, and so on. 

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