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2008 Toyota Camry sedan 240G1TennisPlaya 2012-02-16 00:04:28
Black . Tiptronic. Skylights . Power leather seats . The location of the vehicle is good . Exercise 1 million kilometers. Price 52,000. All the car's original paint . Look no scratches or impact, the engine had never been , strictly for testing 4S shop, complete procedures , field testing to see cars, remote file transfer can be mentioned. delivery vehicles and provide the details , please contact us: 13987644728 Mr. Wang 1.jpg ( 184.29 KB ) downloads : 32 009 12:30 -12 to 21 favorites - Classification > Share Add -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [ 1762574 ] = [ 144523 ] attachimgshow ( 1,762,574 ) / / ArrayTmUsr [1 ] = " hkyhsw00 " / / Array3Days [ 1] = "2" , users [1 ] = " hkyhsw00 " Send Message Add hkyhsw00 hkyhsw00 friends online UID6786143 Digest Posts 0 Credits 527 548 1075 the experience of copper prestige 0 0 Reading Access 70 hours 39 hours online login registration last 2010 -11 to 12 Digest Posts 0 Credits 07/09/2009 Posts 527 copper thorough experience Prestige Reading Access 548 1075 0 0 70 2 # post at 02/02/2010 09:30 | Toyota and see the beauty . . . ~ ~ ~
How should I sell or get rid of my 1999 Toyota Camry?1Brooke=HELP2012-10-05 12:52:03
Currently drives a Toyota Camry 1999. I am the sole owner and the original owner. I've had this car since June 1999. The car currently has 137,000 miles on it. The front bumper is slightly dropped. The rear bumper has a dent like that. The exterior of the car has no rust. It is bright and I waxed every 6 months since the car's owner. Inside the car is excellent. Air conditioning, heating and radio all work. The driver's side seat is a seat of power that still works. The reasons why they plan to get rid of this car is because my mother is getting a new car and your car is a 2006 Mercury mountainier with 40,000 miles on it. My Camry has grown is that has required many expensive reapairs as starter, oxygen sensor, water pump, altinator, iddle speed control (a repair of $ 500) and carbon filter (a $ 600 repair ) and I had to fix my air conditioning this summer for $ 400. My car has had no repairs mothers at all. All my mom had to do is get oil changes and new tires. My mom is looking at a Ford Flex, Ford Edge, Mercedes Benz SUV Lexus SUV. One option would be to trade in my Toyota Camry wherever my mom buys his new car. The only problem is that whenever I can get my Toyota Camry appriased new car dealers want to offer me anything for my Toyota Camry 1999. Some new car dealers have offered me $ 1,000 to change my car in. Others have offered as little as $ 500 or $ 700 to change my 1999 Toyota Camry in Junkyards in my area have offered me $ 2,500 to throw away my car and I was going to pay cash. I put ads on Craigslist and also sings in my window that says for sale. I asked $ 3,800 for my car. Although the Toyota Camry has a good resale value to many people in the parking aroung the city when they see a sale to sing in a car 11 years waiting for a good bargan. This lady in the parking lot of a Starbucks Coffee came to me as I walked into my car. She said all you have is $ 1,400. He sold the car for $ 1,400. I said no! What should I do?
I have an 05 toyota camry. I am contemplating either trading it in and upgrading to a honda s2000.?1phathutshedzo2012-10-25 18:07:02
Or keeping my camry and getting a harley davidson nightster (8,500). I own my car outright by the way. Both options would have me dishing out at least 9 grand. What would you do? Keep descent car and get awesome motorcycle or just get really sporty fast car.help me please?
Is it worth keeping a 1999 Toyota Camry that ends up costing$1500 a year in repairs?1Jyoysana2012-09-28 15:30:03
Since June 1999 I have been driving a 1999 Toyota Camry . The car was bought new and I " am the original owner MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Over the past two years , this car has needed repairs. On average I spend $ 1500 a year in repairs to keep the car running . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last week I just spent $ 750 fixing several leaks. I had a serious oil leak if you pour the oil in the engine , the oil would leak out after driving a mile. A week ago I spent $ 750 fixing the leak. By December 2011 together I'll probably end up spending $ 2,000 in repairs for 2011 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My car has 142,000 miles on it . A month ago CarMax offered me $ 2600 in trade in. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Unfortunately I can not afford to make payments on a new car at present . All I can afford is $ 5000 for another car that put me in another junker . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I continue investing money in my 11 year old 1999 Toyota Camry or get rid of it ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am in the United States. MedlinePlus With my limited income financing a new car is not an option . If I buy another junker for $ 5000 I feel I " m throwing money away. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My options at the moment is to keep this camry 1999 and pay for repairs or take the bus . In my area of ​​the buses do not run on Sundays or after 7 pm . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Annoyes I really endless when two of my friends think I should finance a new car when you can not afford. My friends ask me why not buy a 2002 Nissan Altima for $ 5000 advertised Criagslist with 170,000 miles . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no skills or expertise to work on or fix cars .
July 2008 Focus hatchback and sedan in May 2007 marks 307, which two used car if the election if that election which is better1vocative noun2012-04-23 06:08:29
July 2008 Focus hatchback and sedan in May 2007 307 brands, two cars used if the choice if that choice is best
Is it worth it? Trading in 2009 basic Camry for a 2010 camry w/ options.?0ADV 2012-10-06 14:09:19
I'm thinking of trading my 2009 basic Camry for a 2010 camry with moon roof , leather interrior and alloy wheels . My reason is that I want the luxury of a leather interrior and a better bang for the buck and best resale value in the future 3-5 years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2009 Camry LE : MedlinePlus Bought at 19.5k - Trade Value: 15k MedlinePlus 5.9% APR , $ 12,100 payment amount MedlinePlus . Monthly payment : $ 300/mo MedlinePlus Options - alloy wheels MedlinePlus Mileage 19000 MedlinePlus 21/31 mpg MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Camry LE 2010: MedlinePlus Cost: 24.5k with trading [ also includes gap insurance + extended warranty that I have in the previous ] MedlinePlus Options: moon roof , leather interrior , Alloy wheels , 6speed auto 0% APR , monthly payment : $ 415/mo MedlinePlus 22/32 mpg MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please write your thoughts as to what the best decision , financial , maintaining my love for a lil bit of luxury in mind . Also , please mention your reasoning and analysis. Thanks in advance .. !
Toyota Alphard engine how? Other issues _ Toyota Alphard car1Noel2011-12-30 22:12:56
Toyota Alphard as a driver ? Other issues _ Toyota Alphard car
Toyota Alphard chassis how? Other issues _ Toyota Alphard car1Godfer2012-05-03 04:18:44
Alphard Toyota chassis , how? Other issues _ Toyota Alphard car
Who knows collar version of the Camry is more what?1Mongolian Shit 2012-04-15 23:32:02
Who knows the neck version of the Camry is what?
Collar version of the Camry more, OK?1Niki2012-05-06 21:25:31
Collar version of the Camry more , okay ?
Standard sedan car to ask is what is the car a lion1Nichola2012-07-06 07:55:04
Standard sedan car to ask is what is the car of a lion
Lifan 520 sedan driving to the new1Chapman2012-02-11 04:47:11
Lifan 520 sedan new car May 13 listing in Shunde passion shops. Lifan vehicles as one of the flagship product this year, the Lifan 520 sedan new car is through a network of "moral people", the final vote activities, and formally embarked on the production line . Improve and update new car parts, largely on the public's needs and taste, but also to the internal components and the core and other aspects of a bold and creative innovation. 20070310001519.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 5-27 20:30 favorites - Classification> Share Add -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [322491] = [27908]; attachimgshow (322,491) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "beijixue "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 ", users [1] =" beijixue "beijixuebeijixue Send PM Add to friends beijixue (beijixue) 463 currently offline messages UID331791 experience the essence of 17 points in 1984 Prestige 1011 copper 0 Views 170 Access Male 70 Hour Online registration 0 hours Chongqing 17/12/2006 26/08/2007 463 posts Last minute registration experience the essence of 17 points 1984 170 1011 Prestige 0 Reading Access copper 70 2 # released 27/05/2007 20:34 in | search the new Lifan 520 series consisting vehicle retains the advantage of space, size 4370x1700x1473mm, wheelbase of 2540 mm in length and load capacity up to 630L to fully meet the general needs of the family parking, drop as the form of light changed to change the group of internal halogen replacement, so that rain and fog effects lighting greatly enhance the performance of time, taillights give the original a bit "weird" and estates in favor of respecting the law "inside the outer circle" in the traditional style, do a little more distinctive image, along with a new five-spoke wheel design, the design Vehicle younger and full of movement. His two best 7430.jpg (0 bytes) :02007-downloads references 5-27 20:56 Reply TOP / / ArrayTmUsr [3] = "beijixue" / / Array3Days [3] = "4", users [3] = "beijixue" beijixuebeijixue Send Message Add to friends beijixue (beijixue) 463 currently offline messages UID331791 experience the essence of 17 points 1984 170 1011 0 copper Prestige read access 70 Male Online 0 hours of registration Chongqing 2006 -12 17,463 posts 8/26/2007 Last Login thorough experience the essence of 17 points in 1984 copper 1011 170 704 0 Prestige read access # Posted on 05/27/2007 20:56 | author's own view on top of a 7430.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads references 5-27 20:56 Reply TOP / / ArrayTmUsr [4] = "tuomasi" / / Array3Days [4] = "5", users [ 4] = "tuomasi" tuomasituomasi send short messages Add as friend tuomasi (tuomasi) Post UID321992 137 Digest Posts 0 Credits 411 Posts 274 0 0 Prestige Experience copper read access 30 Gender Male Online 0 hours to 08/22/2007 06/01/2007 time to do everything possible to publish the last record of the experience the essence of 0 points 411 137 274 0 0 Prestige copper read access # post on May 30 27/05/2007 21:12 | 3 car look at the initial expectations

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