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Gourmet Dog Treats1Witionothe2016-11-14 00:08:32
I want to buy a pet so is it a right decision?
Where can I find a list of Gourmet Coffee Importers in the US or trading companies that import gourmet coffee?0Kathrin2012-07-30 13:39:02
I would like to find a list or directory of companies that buy Gourmet Coffee in the United States.
UK: Your views about us having no more pig-based dog treats soon?2Lina morudu2012-09-12 01:23:04
UK pig farmers are very happy with a new deal to send all their pig off-cuts, such as tails, ears, trotters and snouts to China, because according to BBC News they love eating them over there. Previously all this stuff was given to the pet trade to be dry cooked and sold as dog treats, because except for a few trotters no-one eats that stuff in the west. This means no more piggy dog treats soon in pet shops, because it'll all be going for a higher profit to China (according to a pig farmer interviewed on BBC News this morning). So what about the UK pet treat manufacturers and the retailers? Surely this news is going to affect them in a big way and maybe even lead to closures and redundancies? I don't think they'll be prepared to pay over the odds for pig bits as pet owners are unlikely to afford it. All my dogs have always loved their (cheap) natural pig treats of dried ears, snouts and trotters, so we will certainly miss them very much! What are your thoughts/views on this news please?

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