How can I publish my company profile in order to send messages to buyers? related questions

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How can I publish my company profile in order to send messages to buyers?2Shirley2012-02-15 06:02:41
How I can publish my company profile to send messages to buyers?
why cant i send messages to buyers?1Dino2012-05-22 22:19:38
Please advice . I post something ?
Part of my phone one can send text messages, some people could not send text messages, is how ah? Please expert guidance from various quarters about ah?1 인사2012-04-15 18:35:36
Received text messages , receive calls are normal, the center number is also correct
Every time I send text messages to mobile phones can only send about 70 characters, only how to adjust Which Big Brother, please tell me? Thanks1Maric2012-01-20 21:14:46
My phone Nokia 7610
What to do when a company doenst respect what publish?1Feodora2012-09-19 13:36:03
I wanted to buy promotional bags, the company shows their prices according to the quantity, also shows free shipping to my country via EMS, but when i wanted do the trade with them by chat, they told me that was incorrect the price and the shipment, and changed me all conditions.....i just want to know if your website is serious. the company is YIWU CARY CASE AND BAG FACTORY.
Help me! Unicom wishful how to send text messages through?1Sandra2012-03-08 22:54:25
I MOTOV226 well card over the phone Unicom (130), can now receive can not be done in the end how to set and point to tell me details
Send text messages to see your character weakness1Gleda2012-01-06 20:03:52
Send text messages to see his weakness of character a little short enough information to affect us or what was secret or happy mood, I think you have this feeling. Test to see how to send text messages to custom, and these habits can explain how his Achilles heel. 1. Have you ever tried to change some of your messages entertaining or provocative? There have been - 2 No - 3 2. When you get messages funny text sent by friends in general? He laughed - 4 am bored - 5 if it is very interesting, send it to other friends - 3 3. Send text messages to see how the way in confession? Face the possible embarrassment of confession, in this way is more subtle, the number of romantic - 6 This is a lack of courage - 4 4. Send text messages often when the tone of words, that the word usually used to represent certain the means? Ah, ah, or - 6 O or OH - 5 5. Before going to sleep send messages to those most accustomed to what sense? After sending text messages and then go to bed - bed texting 7 - 6 6. Night and send messages to your friends to chat, always remember that good night, or similar road closure? Yes - No 8, send the send the message often fell asleep - 7 7. They often forget to remove make mailbox full of messages? Yes - 8 No, I will remember used regularly eliminates some of the messages - 9 8. That a text message usually? One hand and cell phones and keys - 9 hand keys on the phone the other hand - 11 hands, while holding the cell phone and keys - 10 9. You are very boring, preferring to use the media to talk to a friend or a lover? Call - send text messages 10 - 11 10. Frequently send text messages sent in the middle was very impatient and instead it called? Yes - 12 This situation is rare - 13 11. If there are people who can not send text messages to tell the truth, do you? Who to call back to ask each other - 12 send text messages to ask - 14 What is not asked, the first and Discussion others - 13 12. Received is obviously wrong, but never vicious texting, right? Foes - The answer will be reminded to look - 14 13. His tone is SMS? Phone comes with - 12 or set of favorite ringtones - B 14. Everyone likes to look at his past when sending or receiving text messages on it? Yes - C a - D
How to fina Diaper Bag buyers with big order? OR how to connect forgign buyers?2Prima2014-12-11 19:21:44
I am fresh in this field. In my hand, now , I have no information of customers. I want to add some information to buyers in My Alibaba, but donnot know how? If anyone has experience, please tell me. This is my first job , I just do my best to do well. Thank you ...
Does anyone happen to know how to get your trading card game publish by a company?1claire philips2012-09-16 10:48:04
I want to make a card game and I jst want to know how to do these things.
Why wont it let me send private messages on Global Trading Station?1Sammy2012-11-02 18:27:02
I'm new and unique that will not let me send any messages you know why ?
How do I not send free text messages, I am already a member of the Sina you, why unable to pronounce the go?1modal verb2012-05-23 03:13:59
When sending text messages , there are tips that I am not a member of Sina , we can not send text messages , and do not like cheating?
hello there i really want to orderor become a seller of the gano coffee.So could you please send me more informations of how to order or become a seller so i can get discount.Also please send me some catalogue thanks1Ber2012-02-05 18:02:56
hello I really want orderor become a vendor won coffee.So could you please send me more information on ordering or becoming a vendor so you can get discount.Also please send me some thanks catalog

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