What trap to exist in decorating the market?

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What trap that exists in the decoration of the market?
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5 big trap on the market for decorating, photography ring ring had a lot to cover in a formal way, have a lot of independence to become an order. Test data analysis: One, the trap design: A lot of companies can say when you get to "free designs". But it is opposed to unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory design to project cost and when you want to entrust its construction, can you give the cost of design, with a touch high. 2, trap Contract master clock is the main requirement now dead body, fitness and use of material, the law of debit card craft the deadline needs, build, check, quality assurance, responsibility for breach of contract, the dispute is resolved the respect that a problem such as a method to escape the responsibility for burying in the near future omen. 3, the trap of advances: Building after signing the contract can only ask that advances are 30% to 40% get the materials and the cost of entering the arena paragraph, an employee of a few, including the boss can use "to take a drastic measure to deal with a situation of" this kind of opportunity, throw the money going person. Of course, under most circumstances, advances received, it also means that the dialogue was actively oppose the decoration of a process, sometimes even though they are unsatisfactory, but the money is in hand, the can not stop doing sth, passivity can be depressed. 4, buy ingredients trap: If material is to buy yourself a few building materials can be purchased through the introduction of you and slice collection, Open "" requirement great, buy less with the way both for take in succession. If ingredients contractor bag, as he is using ingredients with a question of ingredients of the brand. 5, the quality trap: main show is in the project, such as a window to take cover engineering, water and electricity, doors, these places should have one quality problem, often for many times what shoddy work again is an insoluble problem may ultimately be nothing definite to end only. As a result of strong professional decorating, must be on guard depth is very great difficulty indeed, but still can reduce the loss gimmick, the key has 3 elements: a good sign to close a contract, if the economic condition allows it, better to ask for help from a professional lawyer to protect a pass, inspect the inside of the profession manages rental; fors Reserve nice try thinking of the moment.
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