Yiqun Lighting Factory in Dongguan, emergency workers resign during the probation period to two weeks wages so that aggregate deduction of labor law? related questions

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Yiqun Lighting Factory in Dongguan, emergency workers resign during the probation period to two weeks wages so that aggregate deduction of labor law?2Noa2021-07-31 20:52:38
If not how to get it legal to pay half a month, I asked the Dongguan Labor Bureau , but was told to go first to the village committee , village committee that has something to do withah !
Garment factory in Dongguan City, Dongguan Xin source overalls, Dongguan, uniforms, work clothes, Dongguan, Dongguan clothing1Fitzgeral2012-03-15 00:12:30
Garment factory in Dongguan City , Dongguan Xin original monkeys , Dongguan , uniforms , work clothes , clothes of Dongguan , Dongguan
Dongguan performances | Dongguan Performing Arts | variety show | Stage | Lighting | Audio | Christmas Party | New Year Party | Star Brokers1阿富汗2012-04-10 08:10:02
Performances in Dongguan in Dongguan | Performing Arts | | Stage extravaganza | Lighting | Audio | Christmas Party | New Years Party | Agents stars
Principal deduction of wages to teachers how to do?1Jare2012-02-19 06:18:11
Home deduction of wages to teachers how to do?
My employer has not paid me my wages for the last 5 weeks of my employment. What can I do?2Geraline2012-10-01 10:08:02
I worked for this company for 3 months as store manager . I paid a monthly payment system with my first week's pay out instead . We had a week's notice that the store would be closed . Then we lost the final payment date would be the last day of January . Since then , we have said they are waiting on checks to pay , we were told that the controls are in office and when there have been no tell us that they have not been sent ... Every time I call they tell us another story . We asked to speak with the owner , but we will not give your data . Two employees have received checks . Importantly, the company was very successful in business and administration will not ... MedlinePlus What are my options ? What I can do for my payment ? I can ask ? Covering bank charges later ? MedlinePlus I'm in the process of contacting Citizen . MedlinePlus p.s This is a UK company .
Wages on the penalty and the problems in the labor contract1Blak2012-01-03 06:27:20
In labor law has no information on working hours , wages between the same sentence ? Example, the general penalty for the number of times the salary?
Is Dongguan Sunhe Lighting Co., Ltd. still in business2Felicial2011-12-29 04:15:36
Does anyone know if Sunhead Dongguan Lighting Co. , Ltd. is still in business? We have worked with them in the past and can no longer contact .
Instead of workers being made to accept lower wages and fewer benefits, how about corporate executives?0Miles2012-09-24 00:19:02
sacrifice something for a change? Perhaps their bonuses of several million dollars for the implementation of the companies on the ground . Or maybe its 9 - figure salaries . I could also get rid of private jets , and the bust down to the first class for once - I know it's horrible, but it's bearable MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The point is , why is it that every time a company gets into trouble , it has to be removed from the skin of the workers ? Why not management " tighten their belts " for a change? Do you really think we are stupid enough to buy the " hey, we're in a global market , blah blah blah " nonsense ? Please - although I was not a trained economist , I know a lie when you hear MedlinePlus selfish . MedlinePlus Could it be that , as organized labor law destroyed , the only ones with any power in the labor market are the very same people who decide what everyone gets paid - an economic dictatorship , in other words?
Factory Lighting2BrianLlanes2016-11-03 23:17:34
How LED bulbs the best way to save energy?
Garment factory workers how to calculate the piece rate1Blake2012-03-01 21:02:00
Garment workers at the factory how to calculate the price per piece
Dongguan Wan Jiang Lijie Commodity Factory is a liar you0Yasemen2012-08-23 22:49:02
The laundry detergent and other cleaning products factory , manufacturers are real ?
How do I find Winz Metal Gift Factory (Dongguan)?0Kim P.2012-07-11 14:53:02
how do i find out if this supplier is on ali express or not? what is the difference between buying from aliexpress and buying from alibaba ia escrow

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