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Why so much fraud on Alibaba?4Bow to kiss your 2012-02-14 23:03:18
There are so many posts , articles etc. about scams , fraudulent companies , etc. that prohibited companies wonder why people do business achieved real honest Alibaba. Alibaba is 40% owned by Yahoo ? If I were them, I 'd like to go now before the lawsuits start. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
China New Bond CO <--Fraud : how alibaba can help?3robin2012-07-13 08:52:02
I bought some samples bluetooth " Bond CO New China ." and sends me all the different products that have not asked . not respond to my email and not answer the phone. here is his information. China , New Bond CO www.china - newbond.com . Tel :86-0755-3313 5905 MSN: [email protected]tmail.com
CONCORD IMPEX.,LTD Is fraud company, why alibaba also published13Ophelia2018-05-04 22:30:37
Alibaba fraud.why http://www.alibaba.com/member/conimpex.html this is also published.Why Why? Why? I had complaints from the company in Alibaba, Alibaba Why also published
Horrible experience about a scam and fraud company on Alibaba: Chongqing SYX Fashion Co., Ltd.4Tsjoeptsjoep 2012-03-31 21:33:17
Why Alibaba still allow professional scam this company : Chongqing SYX Fashion Co. , Ltd to cheat and defraud money from global customers ? At least stop this company from the list and protect foreign customers losing their money.
Vigilance joins in 2 exposure join in in the center of fraud fraud1`sunlight2012-03-24 08:03:49
I just saw central 2 hours the economy, about joining in the reports of fraud , I am very sad too excited . For I am within a week , joined in the product of a commercial enterprise. Present U88 joins the network address , the network is too 28.com cheater cheater join reportorial have: Earth dear, dear talent, moxa humble Er. The whole world is watching ! ! ! Everybody helps me see what the city of Guangzhou becomes fragrant limited trading company involved in the way , everyone has each of the aspects to be informed of the information , please also ask all world to increase surveillance for not wanting to easily join the company not known inputs and outputs , not to be deceived.
I register Alibaba to before long a lady calls the representative that says she is Alibaba. True?1Bryna2012-03-26 22:55:14
I can record Alibaba soon call a woman representative said that is Alibaba. Is that true?
Transfer, sale, supply alibaba Alibaba International website in English common free account [Notice]1gopher2012-01-12 19:41:53
Transfer, sale , supply Alibaba International Alibaba website in English common free account [News ]
How to make full use of alibaba of platform of alibaba1maryfae2012-09-10 06:08:02
make full use
How Alibaba help me because I found the thru Alibaba the supplier, which took money and never delivered and disapired. No respond on e-mail, no respond on tel.call.3Moor2012-05-09 00:40:19
I ordered a hard drive ($ 8,760.00 ) of Golden Eagle Electronic Ltd, and its payment instruction to the parent company International Trading Ltd. to create the golden eagle ( Elva Wong ) promised to deliver to us through DHL. Suddenly, the two companies disappear and no one responds to our emails or phones. I'm assuming that Alibaba would help us find these two companies ( because I found throu Alibaba ), and obtain the order. Please reply to our e -mail address: [email protected] Thanks in advance . Best regards, Plavsich ray La Cresta Communications Inc.San Diego , CA , USA
possible fraud1Norberta2012-04-13 14:44:47
Today I ordered a Garmin aviation aera 500 GPS from Alibaba e- Forson REF : ( hk118913824 ) said he wanted to use PayPal to use PayPal for $ 5000 or more, but because this is just a sample of 305 dollars that I have to use Western Union , so I open an account with WU. Forson gave me his email address WU in Portsmouth , England and then Code.i message Google Satellite ( Map) and the answer was no direction found.I am Pissed about losing my time with these scams not to mention 3 hours Ive lost the job you really think AILBABA should do more to stop this , as I address them have experianced the same scam , I can not only deal with these small yellow arsoles ... Bazz
fraud on web1Reena! plse help2012-08-08 07:10:02
fraud reported 6 times, but no response alibba
Is this a fraud?0Natlie2012-07-24 13:51:02
Everyone is good , I have a lot of products to go to the United States, the client says that the property has a problem, you must return the money or fill several (this figure is 98 % full fill ) (this setting is help brokers make a lot of belt leather , oak crosses muscular tail at that time is not the same , but between saying that the problem went abroad with respect to lead to not at all) . Let's say that even today in public relations between, but do not know when to have a result , I have yet part of the payment of goods about not being answered , how should I be excused great teacher to me, and if the property retirement as an operation , the load. The most important is this fraud ? Thanking myself is the manufacturer , the money has no gain , tell the truth to win hundreds of yuan , assets were removed not only know how to handle now, how much is the charge

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