Why so much fraud on Alibaba?

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Asked at 2012-02-14 22:52:12
There are so many posts , articles etc. about scams , fraudulent companies , etc. that prohibited companies wonder why people do business achieved real honest Alibaba. Alibaba is 40% owned by Yahoo ? If I were them, I 'd like to go now before the lawsuits start. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
Answer1BillAnswered at 2012-02-14 22:52:42
We regret that your shopping experience here Actually , its not where NDF alibaba and provider fraud case They are in all sites [ B2B website , mainly ] What you have to do is do your homework and check properly before moving to any agreement Note that a time to verify the provider agreement before saving your money and headaches after a lot if you happen to be met with fraud
Answer2SylviaAnswered at 2012-02-14 22:56:29
Alibaba is not a free site To our experience about 40 % are scams , small businesses not qualified or cheats Even many cheaters under Gold members especially those in their first or second year Member of Gold = $ $ $ $ pay Alibaba Alibaba never controll We once a member of the so-called gold , which was certified by Alibaba At the factory in Alibaba looks nice and big When we visited we found a shak not even good to keep pigs and workers who work across the street No need to say it was a short visit and
Answer3Dorky Mark Szota Answered at 2012-02-14 23:01:13
i was scamed also , Qingdao sanhejinhui hair product Co., Ltd gold supplier 2nd year his name is Nicole Wang plzzz each reading should not that this company is a fraud does not exist and in place that has its image , that image is false and since Canadian Internet generated false numbers that did not take a notice of the phone num- members when they pay for my goods through Western Union for his silence after confirming that I received my money and my goods will be sent to me, no response to my email so far , I did check your profile Alibaba and discovered that the phone numbers in your profile are false , no even numbers of porcelain ... hahahha its I was scamed funny because I'm always careful, but this time I was careless , because the numbers in your profile was a perfect track .
Answer4 가산명사 Answered at 2012-02-14 23:03:18
Because it is a website of free trade, you should be aware of the traps. In my opinion, you should find a way to contact the provider directly in order to prevent fraud more.
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