[Shop] clothing store the "dead" - fitting room

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[ Shop] clothing store "dead" - editing room
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[Shop] clothing store "dead" - a luxury clothing store room assembly decorated to attract customers, many companies today are built on a project with a lot of money. However, even gorgeous clothes shop, often appeared in a failure of the details - the costumes. Dressing can be said to determine if the clothes can be an important part of selling. As a customer, buying a can be determined only try. However, within the room clothing shop in privacy, the size, so embarrassed the other customers, resulting in the bathroom business. Camerino should have to take several aspects of the conditions? After your information only. Attention to issues of privacy of a dressing room, the most serious problem is that privacy is not enough. Each person goes through when it comes to clothing you can not show people the stage. Therefore, in designing the costumes should seriously consider protecting the privacy of customer problems. For example, certain "Square" closet "doors" are sub-screen, pull loose leaves a slit, so that changing a Xinjingdantiao. This is not the only one where there are three dressing rooms, a storage room on the second floor directly across from the stairs, you can clearly see that the people below, and the stairs where you can clearly see from the curtains dress the upper room of people. Even if a dressing room for more, you can not make customers feel comfortable in the interview on clothing. Second, the locker room area is too often only allow only one person, especially those in the lingerie store. If you look more "meat", then sorry. Apparel clothing store for consumption of all customers to provide services not only to build good customer ready, we must not let the locker room a place where customers fat shame. Not bad decoration of three is not installed on many of the dressing mirror. Many people want to try on clothes when you can look in the mirror, so that when the clothes are ineffective when people do not have to be seen, for example, those exposed may staff carrot pants leg, but also for those who do not, no matter what you wear to congratulate the seller misled by a pass. A good fitting room, customers in the decoration of the need to consider whether the use of light and comfortable, is capable of carrying out the obvious effects.
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