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Disadvantage of Floating Exchange Rate System?0Riri2012-11-06 05:59:51
Proponents of a fixed exchange rate system point out that a major drawback of a floating exchange rate is that it is responsible for creating trade deficits. helps eliminate the uncertainty about the value of a currency. keeps a nation from trading fairly with other nations. is based on the value of gold held by a nations. leads to uncertainty about the value of goods traded internationally. I am 100% sure its not C. Please explain your reasoning behind the answer. I am practicing questions for a quiz online.
Using the exchange rate market,illustrate the following situations,showing the impact on the exchange rate.?0 occupied 991030--2012-08-03 00:58:01
Using the market exchange rate , show the following, showing the impact on the change if the U.S. currency rate.State has appreciated or depreciated .
How to fix an exchange rate in international trade?0I am so (h) 2012-08-26 05:31:18
I'm from Europe and planning to buy products from India . How I can fix an exchange rate of this trade ? Because every day the price is variable. So how I can fix an exchange ? Can you please give me some advice?
What does the "weight" here mean? (Exchange Rate Regime)?0Nei2012-09-29 16:01:03
The weights are proportional to the Swedish trade with each of the countries whose currencies are included in the index , with the exception that the weight of the U.S. dollar has doubled .
Exchange rate and imports/exports.?2Nabil2016-09-18 22:27:58
What is the relationship between them? Like if exchange rate increases what would be the effect on trade?Please explain me with example.
Nominal exchange rate? please want help economics?0iyonna2012-09-02 16:38:04
1 - When the government in a small open economy reduces national saving , the equilibrium real exchange rate MedlinePlus A. falls and net exports increase. C. ups and increase net exports . MedlinePlus B. falls and net exports fall . D. rises and net exports fall . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2 Which of the following is the best definition of the nominal exchange rate ? MedlinePlus A. The speed at which a person can trade the currency of one country for the currency of another MedlinePlus B. The price of a good in a country divided by the price of the same product in another country MedlinePlus C. The nominal interest rate in a country divided by the nominal interest rate in another country MedlinePlus D. The speed at which a person can trade the goods of one country by another MedlinePlus goods MedlinePlus 3 Which of the following statements is correct ? MedlinePlus A. In the market for loanable funds , net capital outflow is the source of demand in the foreign exchange rate, net foreign investment is the source of supply of MedlinePlus . B. In the market for loanable funds , net capital outflow is the source of supply in the foreign exchange rate, net foreign investment is the source of demand MedlinePlus . C. In the market for loanable funds , net capital outflow is a piece of the action in the currency market rate, net foreign investment is the source of supply of MedlinePlus . D. In the market for loanable funds , net capital outflow is the source of supply in the foreign exchange rate, net capital outflow is a piece of the action .
Exchange rate (currency peg) risk?0kiran2012-11-03 02:42:40
I'm considering getting into Forex trading. However, I'm trying to find out what's a "worst case scenario", and best I can come up with is that the currency gets pegged while I'm in a trade, and I suddenly owe several times my net worth. Would that be about right?
What is the exchange rate between Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom?1mikki2012-10-03 08:10:04
It occurred to me that the Hylian Rupee (legend of zelda) and the Mushroom gold coin (Super Mario Brothers) are very different forms of currency. If the two kingdoms were ever to have say trade agreements how many Hylain rupees are equal to one Mushroom gold coin or vice versa. If you look at the two kingdoms they have very different industries. The mushroom kingdom seems to focus primarily on utilities and war as seen from the large amounts of pipes and torches. However the kingdoms entire economic system is based on two Italian plumbers from New York who are the only plumbers in the entire kingdom of pipes and are more interested in playing hero to save the Monarchy. Also the mushroom kingdom has developed gunpowder which is developed in bulk mass as seen with both infinite bullet bills and standard cannons being launched. Other jobs include gaurds and servants but only to royalty if you cant find a job here you have to rebel against the government causing frequent civil wars. The Hyrule economic system seems to be based on manufacturing from its items it sells in the shops (E.G. arrows bombs and potions) resources and other materials seem to be gathered/ products manufactures seem to be made in the three lesser kingdoms of Hyrule (the Kakorai forest the Goron mountain and the Zoran waters) Employment seems to be better than the mushroom kingdom as people are able to set up their own businesses such as gaming parlors and stores to sell goods. But even so (And yes there are guards in cities) crime still seems to be frequent with the constant destroying of pots. Also all the power of the entire kingdom seems to rest with three people from the three great fairies (these being courage, magic, and power AKA the Triforce) so after examining all of the social and economic systems of the two kingdoms which monetary unit is stronger?
Do You Actually Get The Correct Exchange Rate When Trading Money At a Bank?1Monquie2012-08-12 06:40:03
I've looked at the current exchange rate of pesos to dollars, and 1 peso = .0744 cents. I have a 1987 Madero 500 coins , and apparently is equal to $ 37.2 . Would he take it to my local bank and actually get $ 37.20 ? Or I can get more, like 25 cents ?
How to get live currency exchange rate data to use in a website?0Lydia2012-09-08 01:07:01
Im building a website that has to display live international exchange rates . I do not know where I can get this data . I see several websites have this feature , so I'm sure its possible values ​​include live ticker of forex trading . Can anyone point me in the right direction MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much MedlinePlus Vijay
I exchanged US dollars for euros at an exchange rate of 1.61533 USD per EUR. Was I ripped off?0Rose2012-10-12 05:18:01
The explanation from two places that currency exchange rates is that they look at websites like xe.com are negotiated rates that banks and real million consumer-level rates are different . Is this true ?
If the Chinese float their exchange rate, would it hurt their growth or enhance it?1efi2012-09-16 13:58:05
If the yuan appreciates, their exports will fall because it'll be more expensive, so as per that, a decrease in net exports component of aggregate demand will fall and they will be able to afford more imports, meaning a possible trade deficit. If the Chinese Yuan is set by demand and supply forces, could it amplify their growth rate in anyway?

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