How do i raise capitol?

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I worked for a company for 2 years and I helped them find investors for about $380,000 .They have done well and now I have recieved aout 20,000,000 shares for my work and I have agreed to take those shares in return.Now i have no idea about stock market.But the price of the shares as soon as it comes out is gonna be about .60 cents ( a speculation) even at .10 cents cents its worth $2,000,000.Although its pink sheets.Now I dont know exaclty where to start.Either its broker dealers that find me private placement investors (ppm) or online trading ( some of the stocks are restricted for 6 months though) please somebody direct/guide me.No smartass answers please.And if you can please give me a direct specific name number or office.Willing to give huge commsion/discount. Thank you in adnvace. I will also take emails at [email protected] by the way its a biotech cancer research company with several world wide patents

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