Car rental system, c language, data structure of the language program related questions

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Car rental system, c language, data structure of the language program12 nickname ン -2016-12-11 14:36:43
Car rental system, c language, data structure of the language program
I learned C language now, c++ , c# language, what can you do excuse me? What should still learn?1golden eagle2012-03-14 22:13:34
Now I learned the C language , C + + , C # language , what can you do for forgiveness? What we still need to learn ?
Ask about the operating system programming language, in what good,1Ryan2011-12-22 04:46:11
There are no related websites thanks
What language c + + and c What is the difference?1Themba2012-08-19 07:20:03
I'm about to learn , but somehow must learn what is good , please give points
How do the following subject of a C language1Jodie2012-02-13 18:34:49
Enter three numbers a1, a2 , a3 , according to order to exit from small to large
You are looking for the classic language of a lifetime0Robynn2012-07-10 05:20:02
You are looking for the classic language of a lifetime
Why has English become a global language?3Please help Ms.sue2012-10-06 05:47:03
Hello. I am going to have English oral exam and have got the task: Discuss som eof the reasons why English has become the major Lingua Franca of the world. Give an account of the use of English as a universal world language Plan for Exam My thesis question: Why has English become a global language? Lingua Franca means a language that is been used to communicate between people who are not sharing a mother tongue. I am thinking to talk about these topics: - British Empire - Historical reasons why English has become the dominant Lingua Franca. - Historical events that took place around the colonization - Virgin Queen - Why is Lingua Franca so important? Trade agreements, diplomacy - Travelling, working skills - Globish Is there anything else important to incluce in this? And I need some good ideas for having a good presentation. Thanks for the help.
Calculation of C Language Topic1Maxwel2012-02-09 22:36:54
Question 2 will next time to thank 1. Find a 3 * 3 matrix diagonal elements of the integer and 2. The output of the next *************************
C language function problems4xboxwee2015-11-25 04:44:11
See today is very strange to write a program that appears to run under the wrong really do not understand there's no question there has never been seen in the book is probably the master of the form hope to answer about stdio.hvoid f1 (a, b ) char a, b; {printf ("a =% d, b =% d n", sizeof (a), sizeof (b));} void f2 (a, b) int a, b; {printf ( "a =% d, b =% d n", sizeof (a), sizeof (b));} int main () {double x = 1, y = 1; f1 (x, y); f2 (x , y); printf ("x =% d, y =% d n", sizeof (x), sizeof (y)); return 0;}
Best language software for Mandarin?1Demetrius Oliver2012-09-27 11:53:04
I'm starting the first year of high school. My high school does not teach Mandarin so I took Spanish because it is the easiest way to A. I have really wanted to learn Mandarin as it would be a very valuable tool in careers that interest me ( the economy , world trade , military) . I'll have to use software like Rosetta Stone. I'm going to start studying Mandarin when I'm a sophomore . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Rosetta Stone is the best language software ? It costs $ 200 for the first level only ... Is it worth it ? I learn best with writing and pictures , I am not a great verbal learner .
SQL is a high-level language?1PoPkiss 2012-04-02 22:38:50
SQL is a high level language ?
How do I change my computer language3Norma2012-03-31 01:25:55
I bought an Apple laptop through , when I start my computer, I noticed that when the English system , how I can change it to Japan , I come from Japan!

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