I am looking for a technical analysis course in Bangalore. Can you guys suggest some options? related questions

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I am looking for a technical analysis course in Bangalore. Can you guys suggest some options?0MAJESTI2012-11-04 08:04:10
The problem is that there are many institutes. However, all teachers are the ones who have never traded themselves. I am looking to learn from a person who himself is actively involved with the stock market.
I do online share trading.suggest a good on line soft ware for doing technical analysis?2Mr. Seuss2012-10-13 09:58:02
someone i do online stock trading please suggest me some good soft goods for technical analysis and cost about the same
What out of technical analysis or fundamental analysis is more important/efficient when day-trading markets?1Suchi2015-07-01 23:04:31
I'm thinking about becoming a day trader with spread betting as my vehicle. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to know what fundamental or technical analysis is of greater benefit to trade financial markets of the day if you want to consistently make money that I know from experience that trade in the trend of the minutes , hours and the range of days , whatever is good to follow the direction to take in a lot of small profits . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What technical or fundamental analysis is best used for the purpose of a trading day - which is more efficient in making money consistently ?
Why does technical analysis offer superior stock trading results compared to fundamental analysis?4redge2015-07-14 02:34:45
Stock Trading - What's the best technical analysis software for analysis stock?7joo2015-10-06 00:09:23
What software you used before? What is the best? Does the Rules Composer ',' Stock Screener 'and' tester back ' ?
What do you guys think of QTrade, or what do you suggest for trading?0Bizzy2012-09-30 15:21:03
I'm looking for cheap stock trades ( because my funds arent big enough to handle service fees 30.00) and a friend recommended Questrade . Seems affordable and based in Canada , but I do not want any loss of money due to technical problems or hidden charges . MedlinePlus Naturally , I do not want to lose the security and reliability , so it is important also . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you recommend online brokerage Qtrade more reliable or better ( and cheaper) websites out there for stock trading . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Is there anyone who wld be willing to teach me technical analysis?0johannah2012-10-11 16:39:36
I have a 401k at work and have recently started to learn more about how it works and have played with my investment choices . Ultimately, drive me to dig deeper into the stock market . I've been reading about how 20 years old , like me , which are securing their financial future . I wld like to learn technical analysis to increase my chances of making financial decisions . Now I read that the AT is used mainly in short-term operations , but I've also read that it can be used for long term investment . I'm not trying to get rich soon , just want to help my family and I will be financially secure in the future. And maybe leave a little early haha. That being sd , is there anyone who can teach me TA or point me in the right direction in terms of web sites to learn or study materials? Any help is greatly appreciated . I know there are workshops , but I hear they are very expensive .
Day trading Technical Analysis How ?1dalton2015-07-01 23:05:45
Dear Friends I want to know how Traders diside to Buy or Sale in day trading and what they can understand from chart and How ? Pleeeees dont divert me to webpage. Thanks in advance [email protected]
Does technical analysis work?0NENEEE2012-08-03 09:18:02
I want people who actually implement this technique to answer this question. Can it really help you indicate good entry and exit points? Does anyone think its better than fundamental analysis? I want to integrate a little of both. But I'm going to start off with penny stocks traded on the major exchanges. I think that technical analysis would be the best strategy to profit from such volatile securities. And for my heavy traders, are taxes a ***** or make it not worth trading at all. I plan to use an IRA to shelter my my profits from taxes a bit, but I just want to know what other traders think.
Technical Analysis or Based On News?0yessenia2012-11-02 14:54:04
I'm beginning to day trade futures and have been studying books on that discuss a lot of technical analysis based on charts. But charts are backward looking and not indicative of forward performance. It's easy to look at a chart and say what you would've done to make a profitable trade. On the other hand, riding on a trend based on current industry developments looks a more realistic approach. Can anyone advise which is better? Thanks!
What is the best free technical analysis software?0Ina2012-09-23 05:50:02
I have 17 years and I have to spend money on my business , so I can not pay $ 60.00 per month for nice software . I do not want or use it to trade , I just want something functional and nice to keep track of my actions . I downloaded QuoteTracker but it seems that the developers of this software are incompetent . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Could anyone offer some suggestions ? I also need software compatible with TSX Venture markets / TSX
Technical analysis for stocks trading?2Cookie2015-07-01 23:05:56
Hi all I am using MACD ( 26,12,9 ) Stochastic RSI indicators . these to work and commodity and index (ingenious ). but using the same for stocks as well, but its not working . im having trouble with profitable operations . why is that? Do I have to change the settings to stock trading ? thanks always .

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