How should I dry it? Really decided to do it yourself, or continue working for others it?

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I just got married recently, has always wanted to start my own business , I sell clothes, but also the tentative stage , I would like to dry as anything else , but has not been decided, and sometimes feel very strongly about this, especially not want to work for others, and too tired , there Gouxindoujiao injured , among colleagues, and some also have felt that feeling when you can, if he was dry and difficult , but you can win now , so no determination has been not know know how, and therefore the economic situation, a market, you give me attention to it , how should I dry? I really decided to do it yourself, or keep working for others?
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Shop, I concluded , and I hope that helps ! To buy , I think the first consideration should be given to the younger age groups , take the young , is equivalent to taking the biggest market for it! What do you think consumers shop in the young, and very popular. Today , I feel more in line with these shops , 1 , jewelers , most young people see the jewelry stores , especially girls , to see if the purchase of a will. 2, store the bag, you see a look on the street, the girl wears a fashionable bag , or boyfriend transport . My friend is almost half of at least two bags per person. 3, shops, and now these young men are smug the kid , and the pursuit of fashion , using a non-mainstream it. Such stores can be considered, but remember that, because these stores largely among young people but also a matter of course become the competitiveness of the industry's largest . Do not know how to search for the emerging industries , such as peripheral animation operations in the country just emerging , market competition is almost nil , young people are loyal consumer groups , most importantly, be creative , personalized , recovery small investment , quick, but also twenty promote the development of a key century domestic industry, the national representative of the international animation and other marks, are AA, but keep in mind that the major emerging risks of the potential benefits industry are also great , because who knows what new industries will become a pattern. Finally , send a friend saying : No Pain No Gain !
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