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What should club penguin have?0zeke2012-11-03 20:10:12
We could all mail cp the list having all of our screen names and hope that they add it.... no saying free membership otherwise club penguin would go out of buissness.... i think when you start ur accont you can choose wat kind of penguin u r vampire werewolf zombie fairy etc. and then hold more contests penguins should be able to eat food and change there igglo type to apartments ect so we could share the igglo with non members and have them pay us a small fee.... we should also be able to trade stuff... add to this list plz and we can all try to get cp to have this stuff!!!
Does anyone have a club penguin membership?1areonna2012-10-15 17:42:02
I have a webkinz account that I use ... and a fantage one and would like to exchange them for an account of Club Penguin that counts among its members ... email me if you do thx !
Club Penguin Trading Cards?0ASAP!!!!2012-08-08 19:11:02
How I can enter my codes in my account on Club Penguin?
Will trade club penguin account?0baasima2012-11-03 23:17:36
I need a mopod code ( from the moshi monster website) I will trade one club penguin account for a mopod code.
TRADING a MEMBER IN CLUB PENGUIN!!!1?0mema2012-10-08 01:44:06
I have a Club Penguin account with one-year membership . but I have Bour change by pirates carabien unlimited access code or shed Club Penguin member.
Someone trying to steall my club penguin account what should i do!!?0Iryna2012-09-11 05:55:03
There is this girl who keep emailing me say that I can have an account of Frome THIS IS WHAT I WROTE MedlinePlus ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Anybody Know Where You Can Buy A Pack Of Club Penguin Trading Cards?1Margary2012-09-24 01:12:03
I have an account , and as a card - jitsu So you want to play In Real Life Please Help Me MedlinePlus PS . Im in Canada
Will someone trade me a club penguin Series #1 coin code?0chevanese2012-08-10 17:27:03
someone would trade a Club Penguin Series # 1 source of currency for a user account? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Who can give me some club penguin trading card unused codes?0Xenia2012-07-18 21:09:02
Who can give me a clubpenguin unused trading card codes because i tried to buy them online but they don't sedn toys or other thing to Romania.so plzzzzzzz if u dont play clubpenguin email me the codes that are on the Back of the cards PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
If someone would please give me an unused club penguin trading card code.?0christal2012-07-05 20:56:01
I know people do not have money to waste in this economy it would mean the world to me. :-)
Trading Club Penguin Account - 500 days old - For Runescape Money/Accounts!?0sandtara2012-10-14 16:21:13
I have a Club Penguin account is over 500 days old and has weird stuff like Duck Yellow, Blue , Lei and shamrock hat . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would like that in return , runescape gold or accounts.
Trading runescape and/or club penguin one month membership for neopets account over 4 months old?0Ao2012-10-15 13:39:57
Trading runescape and / or a member club penguin account neopets month for more than 4 months old? MedlinePlus Amount must have cash and items , im only giving one month's membership , I'm giving both MedlinePlus JUST account a email me a MedlinePlus [email protected] thanks

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