Help me with history please?

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1. Who invented bifocal eyeglasses and a clean-burning stove, and helped develop the U.S. postal system?

(Points : 3)
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin

Elkanah Watson
John Stevens

2. What manufacturing concept helped Eli Whitney earn a contract from the federal government?

(Points : 3)
ginning cotton

using machines to reduce the work of slaves

using interchangeable parts

reaping wheat

3. What contributions did Samuel Slater and Francis Cabot Lowell make to American manufacturing?

(Points : 3)
They put up huge amounts of their own capital to hire as many people as possible to increase production.

They built on practices they had seen in England to improve equipment and production techniques in the textile industry.

They persuaded English investors to share their techniques and ideas to get the American textile industry going.

They invented machines that not only separated the cotton, but also sorted it according to grades and strengths.

4. John Deere and Cyrus McCormick invented machines that made large-scale agriculture possible, especially in the Midwest. What were those machines?

(Points : 3)
steel plow and reaper

tractor and baler

corn crib and silo

reaper and tractor

5. How did geography affect the development of industry in New England?

(Points : 3)
The small number of ports limited transportation and trade.

Rocky soil and an unpredictable climate made it unsuitable for commercial agriculture.

Large deposits of coal there kept factories running at full production.

Slow-flowing rivers and streams prevented the use of water as a power source.

6. How did the War of 1812 and the related trade embargoes affect American production of textiles and other goods?

(Points : 3)
Shortages almost destroyed the American economy.

The war lasted longer because of resentment over trade.

Quality dropped way off because British machinery was unavailable.

New industries prospered and grew.

7. What was a key element in developing a market economy in nineteenth century America?

(Points : 3)
retooling the Conestoga wagon to carry a heavier load

creating a system of toll roads to generate federal revenue

developing a merchant marine to promote water transport

improving the roads to transport goods

8. Which construction project connected the Great Lakes to New York City?

(Points : 3)
the National Road

the Erie Canal

the Lancaster Turnpike

the George Washington Bridge

9. What development helped improve trade in the Midwest?

(Points : 3)
Thomas Jefferson's plow

Eli Whitney's cotton gin

Robert Fulton's steamboat

George Stephenson's locomotive

10. Which transportation improvement did not make rapid movement of goods and people across large areas possible?

(Points : 3)
Conestoga wagons




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