Thoughts on this big fantasy trade involving 6 players?

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If you were me would you trade DeMarcus Cousins, Carlos Boozer, Ray Allen for Luol Deng, Kevin Garnett, and Jrue Holliday? If you think this is a bad trade for me would it be a good grade for me if I were to get rondo Instead of jrue Holliday? Also is demarcus cousins and Steve Nash for deng and rondo a better, equal, or worse trade then the other 2 options?

Here is my team:

PG-Chris Paul
SG-Kevin Martin
SF-Carmelo Anthony
PF-DeMarcus Cousins
C- Amare stoudamaire
G-Deron Williams
F-Dirk Nowitzki
Util- Marc Gasol
Util- Greg Monroe


PF- Carlos Boozer
SG-DeMar DeRozan
SG- Ray Allen
PG-Steve Nash
Wesley Mathews

Also who do you think are the worst or 2 worst players on my team? Are my starters good or is there anyone in my bench who should be starting instead?

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