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Aren't we in an Infinite National Debt Loop?0sss2012-11-02 00:52:30
Aren't we technically trapped in an infinite loop that we will never get out of this perpetual national debt? Let's say Fed or someone bails them out, the U.S gov still needs to collect higher taxes and generate much more revenues to pay off $13 trillion they borrow WITH INTEREST.Realistically, where does such extra money to pay off the loan come from that they dont even have it from the beginning? Another bailout program? Digging new gold mines and oil wells to pay $13 trillion? Tax increases and all the war-driven profits will not gonna cover $13 trillion. Plus, going on a war will suck out more tax payers' money and it will only be profititable for very few players. The only viable option I can think with my brain that the government can get out the issue is redonomination our currency. Then the U.S can pay off all the debts plus the trading defict to Japan and China which they wont be happy at all. Any thoughts or insights?
Why does the national debt fall on the government and not private corporations?4Esteban2017-03-21 18:42:16
I've read that the trade deficit creates debt because we are importing more than we are exporting, but aren't corporations doing the importing/exporting transactions? Where does the treasury come in by selling bonds to, for example, China? How does trade deficit yield selling bonds, rather than just cash transactions? For example, US companies pay Chinese companies x amount of money for goods/services, and China pays US companies z amount of money for goods/services. Why doesn't it work like that?
Is the US dollar depreciation policy helping to pay down the 14.5 trillion USD national debt more quickly?0- Uh. attachment -2012-09-20 14:03:02
I am looking for information on current dollar depreciation (depreciation against devaluation, since we are a freely floating market traded against other world currencies). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My understanding is that depreciation occurs indirectly through inflation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is mainly because: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Fed is effectively printing money through the press and was engaged in laying QE2 bought Treasury bonds (notes) on the open market and made more money supply in the system. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All the new currency in the system actually depreciates the dollar against other world currencies like the euro, sterling and yen, but not as the RMB RMB is for all intensive purposes linked to the dollar within a band of 5% fluctuation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The consequences of this action should result in improved U.S. export company as American products more competitive, and sales abroad in Euro / Yen / Sterling are repatriated to the U.S.. In short, people believe that this will stimulate the economy through improved aggregate demand and improve employment growth rates, etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But in terms of our national debt USD 14.5 trillion, is this policy of currency depreciation actually improving our current level of notional debt? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thinking about it: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. U.S. Inflation household must make the negative real rate of return FEDS reducing the interest payment obligation in Treasuries. Although, I think a large part of the treasury of IOU have inflation adjustment mechanisms built into their rates now? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. QE2 policy of buying Treasury bonds on the open market pay for existing debt faster. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are we using the highest value of the foreign currency to pay the debt at a faster pace? All currency units now has more purchasing power against the existing dollar-denominated debt? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also realize that foreign holders of our debt are not exactly happy with the situation. For example, if the British government had $ 100 million in bonds the U.S. Treasury is now worth about 60 billion pounds sterling at maturity using current rates of currency conversion instead of 75 million last year. In other words, if the Fed withdraws this debt today must be a benefit to pay in foreign currency? MedlinePlus On the other hand the Chinese as one of our biggest creditors should not be as unhappy as their currency was fixed so literally I'm not convinced that the policy of dollar depreciation is affecting them more than to add to its existing inflation concerns ...
Why doesn't the govt. charge a buck a trade on the financial markets to pay the national debt?0Geno2012-09-21 13:49:02
With all the billions and billions of transactions every day out to take a month to return the money eh ?
Is feminism responsible for our national debt, unemployment, unwanted pregnancies, emasculated NASA and porn?0KARELIN GONZALEZ2012-10-20 22:16:59
Camille Paglia has said that if feminism prevailed in ancient times, people would still be living in grass huts . Paglia is a lesbian college professor atheist , by the way. She herself is against neo -feminist . I agree with her. I also believe that our country will never acheive the level it has reached in the past , due to the nature of risk aversion , excessive sensitivity of the environment and neutered many of our men . The offices are discredited in favor of promoting the university idiotic . Porn - that has always existed , of course - has reached new , unheard of heights of depravity , and women in key positions in the production and distribution of MedlinePlus . I am convinced that women traditionally male held positions in industry , politics and the army has condemned our country to the status of third or fourth gear in the near future . The evidence is here . What do you think ?
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So, when National Savings equals National Investment, then yes the amount of the trade deficit is equal to the?0Samatha2012-08-05 14:42:47
The current account deficit s is not the same as the U.S. Federal Government
Greedy CEO , arent they just a bad as a guy who rob you w/gun and takes your walet?1Tyce2012-09-30 06:23:03
MedlinePlus another , a former general manager embezzled $ 9.9 million , on a weekly basis Yeomans spend $ 25,000 on your credit card , MedlinePlus $ 300,000 on designer clothing and 160 purses valued at $ 2,000 each, the researchers argue . Also remodeled a bedroom into a closet with a chandelier and a 32-inch TV , which said.and then pay the balance the following Monday with company funds , "as she bought 400 pairs of shoes , MedlinePlus Meanwhile, he said , the company was forced to lay off workers and restructure its operations due to losses . MedlinePlus Soon we will also see the list of depositors in Swiss bank account from g AI research . we realize if some were actually cover ( short) contracts resulting home , check out our old page .. MedlinePlus
Infinite pain. . . . Please help me! ! ! Cry for! ! !1chithra2012-08-04 17:08:49
My girlfriend and I, is that you know, the April understanding, and then chased and finally be with her, and I in July to his house to see his parents and his parents also recognized me. In late September (last month) I went to his house, get married double room. Just talk, she said she just wanted a second coat of 70-80 square meters of housing, prices in the 30 million or less may be able to ask my family, my parents promised to pay 100,000 yuan payment, as agreed at the time. (My family was poor, my parents gave 110,000 yuan, but also borrowed 60,000 yuan, including parents, the father retired pay only 700, plus a rent of 600, my mother did not work, then save just one year can store 1 million, then the parents can not afford to help me do something, I graduated from college in 2001, my brother in 2004 and was admitted to a university next year to graduate, parents really could not afford .) But now she and her parents took a fancy to a house of 41 million new, her parents agreed to only 10 million would be willing to pay 21 million for a down payment, loan funds made 20 million at the end of March next year, but she says it has 5 million renovation to take my family there for wedding expenses, appliances, furniture, require at least $ 3 million, which is still down and then I get 8000000 home, my parents I can not really bear to see tears, I miserable deaths, parents really do not have this condition, they are 60 years old soon, and I did not want them for my almost 10 million to the enormous debt I have to work 01, the teachers high school, has not been compiled, the monthly income of 700 yuan, but also looking to spend money to find a relationship in the series, until this year to enter the code (in recruiting), all income from wages is now about 1,500 yuan, and only 2 million in deposits on hand, money in respect of the parents to include my 2 yuan deposit, the family very hard, you can not even pay for it. 41 million home, in his insistence, I paid a deposit of $ 5,000, and now the renovation, he said, really I have no way out, I had thought I could wait two years of marriage, she and I save some money from the simple re-installation of point and then make a regular point of the wedding, but she did not hear a lot of money to get home last night and I with fury, and broke up with me and said, I've been to convince her not to listen to me: "We are 41 million can not afford the fourth floor of the house, you can buy a house floor (the size of the room are the same, the same area, ie, ground floor , first floor), while 34 million, we have 14 million down payment, 20 million loan fund, money from their parents to the balance of 50,000 yuan, but also renewal, left another 10,000 yuan to save our own points, collected a 30,000 yuan to get married, so that both parents have the burden of current Yes "But she did not agree and refused to buy the fourth floor of the house to break! ! ! ! ! ! The attitude is very firm and angry, not answering the phone, so I went home tonight, to see her parents, she took my necklace book back to me, completely broke! ! ! ! Oh, really sorry, take me to see my parents crying at home, at home before too poor, weak economic foundation is not good, why she did not understand my parents a lot of difficulties, but also to force to ...
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