The industry that wash a car how

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The car is now increasing, especially also to the car wash industry is less fun , I know this group of lines of business , how?
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By keeping the current car hairdressing disorder compares the whole market. As the internationalization of the automotive supply-use pricing, product or service are more Anacreontic change. The competition area is reached in the area further aggravate price war has already done a great tool unique to the inn retains the salon of the car within a certain area competes. Show according to the research, the problem now selling car ornaments within a hair salon across the country has focused on the following aspects: 1, how is information management levels low, is not well informed , the advanced technology to keep the salon can not be obtained as a result of the promotion of all types of master of reasons. 2, the available product structure of ideas is poor. Because understanding the consumer unilaterally achieve ONR replenish stock at will to make the product keep long in stock. The product before a lot of inn are still putting two years and achieve a structure of evil can not meet the real needs of consumers. 3, business standard is wrong and cause marketability of products is very low. 4, the overall level of management depends on store. Includes power and marketing showcase of graphic design resources, customer management, human resources, product, no after-complete management system and effective. Although the above problem exists, but can still make a profit, this explains the market to keep the hairdresser's car still stands in for-profit space bigger, the idea of ​​consumer awareness of the customer, the consumer still has to rise further. As the economy advances, increased people living standard continuously, consumption of scientific reason will be mainstream. "4 without" inn (no professional technology without professional equipment, no product of the famous brand of professional, without ensuring service quality) will lose market stage by stage. Instead, it manages the intensive model of the car serves as the overall chain with your project ready, masterful technology service is fast and convenient, the quality is stable and more and more welcoming people. The article is to overcome car bigwig rich hosting hairdresser boyfriend is earlier, want to see more please go to the article: BThis information copyright is retained when playing please Log.car5588com
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