Xuzhou mte Vehicle Administration motorcycle license test how much

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Vehicle Administration mte Xuzhou motorcycle license test the amount of
Answer1infected mushroom Answered at 2012-02-13 22:27:14
118 yuan for the first time with a photo identification card to collect the fingerprints to see if color blindness and then make an appointment at the time table of the theory of fourth review (every two or four ) had evidence of theory Vehicle Administration appointment to go to make real the test (also on a Tuesday or Thursday) of the cross - examination is normal driving , then mount the pedal in the test is not a good idea to practice based is not the last trip astride the acid test done after a driver's license at the time you can get a makeup rate is ~ 30 yuan trip / drive from the train station this ( Chaoyang - New MTE) is very convenient car door directly under the Motor Vehicle Administration
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