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Degrees or trade school or monking?0marquis2012-10-27 19:24:03
Iam at this time in life where I have to make a decison . Either iam going to school for some grades and ID become a teacher or something . Maybe I'd go to a vocational school and pick up a trade, such as carpentry or electricia ? . The last option Ive Been monk like for me my life and see life develop on a computer ? . Iam looking for some tips . much appreciated
Less than 600 degrees of myopia, 20 years old, hope to improve the way to 200-300 degrees, you can spend more time, but it must be effective0Earl2012-08-14 19:31:02
Now I'm in college, usually wears glasses , that is, to find effective , and gradually nursed back to health , I hope you can try to remove the eye of a few years, no surgery! I am absolutely sure to do!
Are technical/vocational degrees more valuable than college degrees these days?0damilola2012-09-23 23:39:02
How important is a college education ( BA ) in today's job market ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you think the time is better spent learning a trade vs college ? MedlinePlus thx
80 degrees, saturated copper sulfate solution, 310g, 100g water heating evaporation, and then cooled to 30 degrees, the number of lamps can be precipitated where?1Wrong when the tender love2012-06-12 14:45:07
80 ° S = 55g , 30 ° S = 25 g I detail the process! !
What is the difference between a technical school, a vocational school, and a trade school?0Seoul2012-07-24 23:50:02
Where did you meet your best friends high school or university/college/trade school?Which did you like better?1ann faniel2012-08-23 19:23:02
I am currently in gr.12 and i feel like i only have 3 best friends the rest of the people i know i just talk to sometimes. The one best friend i know i will be best friends with her forever the other 2 im not so sure of i think so because the one friend i have known since i was really young and the other one the only reason why i wouldn't be talking to her after high school is if she moves away to her country. So my question to you is where did you meet your best friend? And is it bad that i seem to only have 3 friends? I mean everyone always says that high school is where you will meet your best friends for life but i feel like i haven't found that i seem to have only found one best friend that i can see 100% will be in the future with me..... most of the people at my school are immature and only care about money and themselves and i dint really want to be good/best friends with those type of people. Sorry i feel like im blabbing on too much basically i want to know about your past and if you liked high school and if you still keep in touch with those friends or if you found your friends in post secondary. Thank you to all who answer
Can you get into a trade school if you dont have a high school diploma or ged?0Frodrick2012-08-31 14:15:09
Theres this guy and I've been to ABT knwing ten years. We've lived in the same neighborhood of the longest and have always been friends , but I've always really liked , says he's always liked me too , but I never knew. We jus recently started talking and I'm seeing a different side of him. Hes always been one of true hooded street children that mothers dnt approve , but I like him and I want to c him doing something with his life that he was expelled from high school so now hes working but not a good work that has no diploma or GED . He says he wants to make trade 2 automechanics and I do what I can to help you make your mre me that he may have something in the future. I'm doing this because I really care for him and want to be with him and I will show you two how much I want to be with him to do this , says he's never been with someone who would do it 4 never had a real relationship , but I want to show I am here for him . Please help .
Whats the best way to help me find out what I want to go to school (or trade school) for?0cymber2012-10-23 06:25:49
I need some guidance on choosing a career / trade . I know I have to continue my education ( all we have is a GED ) , but I'm lost when it comes to what I want to do, what fields will be in demand in the future . I wish I could take one of those tests assessing their personality type and everything to give me an idea. I do not consider myself a studious person . Therefore the amount of time needed to reach the level also plays a part in my decision . I do not really have any close relative who has no idea what that refers to the university . Last year when I tried to enroll in the local university I thought when I saw the counselor was going to help me answer these questions . But it was the opposite , she was no help what so ever. I felt that I wanted out of there because I wanted to txt her friends or something. I apologize for the drug was " little more detail " section , but I'm just looking for a little guidance and a push in the right direction or . Thanks I appreciate it.
Should I go back to school for a BA or trade school?2Haris2015-07-01 20:17:24
I am 30M , I make 12,000 / year in Walmart and my goal is a constant of 35 to 45k a year. I'm too old for the " college experience " and just want to make a decent salary to save for a house in the coming years. A degree in Economics or Psychology help more or technical degree . Both would take me on same couple of years (I have my general ed things done at a community college for 7 years ). I prefer something a little better than a technology at the same time , Wal -Mart if that is your suggestion as well.
Trade School vs. Normal School?0Gregar2012-09-20 07:03:02
Recently I have been given the option to go to a vocational school for my last four years of high school. What is the benefit of a trade school and what is a better option. I'm thinking of going to medical field in the future.
Brilliance driving school in Texas to learn right? ? Arima school students I pull C11Olave2012-05-02 22:11:03
Brilliance , driving school in Texas to learn right? ? Students of the school bag Arima C1
Accidents in the after-school students to play a break, how much should I ask the school for the degree of compensation?1Lo2012-01-18 20:16:20
Students at the school after the accident , the number of schools for the degree of compensation should be based ?

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